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Scope of Quallity Assurance and scope of Chemistry in Pharmaceutical industry


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Scope of quality assurance and chemistry in pharmaceutical industry and job prospects about the same branches?

Scope of QA-
The Quality Assurance (QA) is very precious unit of pharmaceutical industry. Their aim is not only testing but to provide superior quality of end product. The quality of pharmaceuticals has been a concern of the World Health Organization. Drugs must be marketed as safer and therapeutically active form. Quality control means checking the grade of excellence of products and processes employed for manufacture of them.

Some pharmaceutical industries have both QA and QC departments, are considered as same unit but most of the industries considered them as different units and contain different areas for both.

QC is responsible for checking of all aspects related to products. For ex, QC of aerosol involves checking of propellant, checking of container, valve, quality and life span active concentrate etc. And QA of same is checking of products which are passed by QC department. They will check all the limits and equations passed by QC. So, we can make out from here that how important of QA is.

In pharmaceutical industries, QA professionals are most welcomed with attractive salary. The main thing is knowledge of analytical skills and experience of working with any pharmaceutical industry is required. It is highly responsible work. We already know that one small mistake can make numerous losses.

Scope of chemistry-
Chemistry in pharmaceutical branches is considered as medicinal chemistry. It is a primary requirement for pharmaceutical companies. Chemistry professionals are engaged with drug discovery. Though computed assistant drug design has captured most of work load in drug discovery still for formulation of molecule from computed model chemistry professionals are required.

We cannot say it as tragedy but M.Sc chemistry people are considered as more knowledgeable than M.Pharm chemistry because pharmacy only involved SAR studies but chemistry as a whole is a big science. They had occupied all the places of industry.

If you are enough clevered and knowledgable, enter in this field. As this way is full of competition.