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Salary Differance of GMP in India and USA


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Package of PMT and the GMP I think it’s a huge difference world wide. May be I am wrong but as I know that in USA GMP earning twenty lakhs per month. And I have not spent lot time in marketing only. For PMT it is necessary to go with MBA?


As you are talking about salary in US, it is always high. Difference of payment is due to currency difference of both countries.

In US even assistant pharmacists are earning more than managers of India.

 In India also if one has capacity then he will earn up to 8-12 lakhs per annum. If one will earning 20 lakhs (Ind. Currency) in US, one have to spent more in US rather than India.

But it will beneficial to go there. As lot of demand of pharmacy is there in US and pharmacists will be paid more than other professionals. Many people from Punjab, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh are working and staying in US.

And it is not necessary to go with MBA for PMT. Experience is the chief requirement. But if you are with MBA, you will become more dominant.