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Which subject will be more attractive for Master degree after B.Pharm and scope of Pharmacy after B.Pharm


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Which subject will be most attractive for master degree after B.Pharm. Can any courses are available for MD after B.Pharm? Every man say ,a lot no. of jobs are available in pharmacy but I am under frustration to choose this field, so please give some tips to achieve a golden opportunity in regarding to medical profession because I am a final year student of B.Pharm.



All are saying that number of opportunities are there for pharmacist and that is absolutely correct statement given by them.
So many jobs are posted every day after B.Pharm. The main thing is experience as what you are studying in colleges is completely differ from what they need for industry.

But as you will grow in the field, you will find many ways for mould your future prospectus. And one more serious thing to become a successful pharmacist is you have to be familiar with all the subjects which are offered by university and be life long reader. (which is among the seven stars of Pharmacist, characteristic to become successful pharmacist.)

Now a day there is lot of big market for M.Pharm in pharmaceutics but it is not so that Pharmacology and pharmacognosy are kept behind. It all depends upon your interest and grip on subject. If you are going for M.Pharm in pharmaceutics but you don't have interest then you will not apply your innovation and cannot grow. Also MBA is rocking the way.

MD is not offered by any institution but new course is introduced in the India, is Pharm.D that is doctor in Pharmacy for which you can go after B.Pharm or PUC or D.Pharm.

Also if you want to go for overseas, you can appear for GRE and TOFEL and go for M.S after B.Pharm.