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Is it good to do MBA after B.Pharm


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 Is it good to do MBA after B.Pharmacy? And MBA selected after pharmacy is different of MBA selected after any of management course or it is same?

For getting in to MBA, it requires any bachelor's degree. Let it be B.Pharm, BBA, B.Com, B.Sc etc. This is because if you are best in management and really interested, you can do it from any course and also not require to go for MBA. Management is not deal with the subjects but it is related with free flow of ideas and innovations.

Any company or industry let it be pharmaceutical or any other requires management specialist for the growth of particular firm.

It means that MBA selected after Pharmacy or any other course is not different at all although MBA has different branches or types. It is not so that MBA will definitely going to help you in the future as it depends on your interest and ability. But the major advantage of MBA after B.Pharm is, one can get more preference than other because suppose pharma-company requires management expert and pharmacy expert. It has to appoint two posts (B.Ph and MBA) for that but if they are appointing MBA with pharmacy, they can get two in one combination. And also it will beneficial for company that they have to pay for only one person.