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Scope of M.Pharm and MBA after B.Pharm


Clinical courses


Clinical research courses

Which option will be good MBA/M.pharma?

It is difficult to answer that which course is good for post graduation. This is a big debatable query as both of them have their own advantages and drawbacks. There are numerous cases whom are seem to have successful career after M.Pharm or MBA.

Master in pharmacy is deviated in various different  fields. By recent field report, M.Pharm in pharmaceutics is most valuable in India where as in US and other foreign countries pharmacology is well established. Pharmaceutics is unique subject deals with all F&D, production etc. so, scope is clear. Though some places of pharmacology are absorbed by MBBS but M.Pharm in pharmacology is competitive with MBBS. A person with Pharmacology can enter in preclinical and clinical studies.

Herbal Drug industry is booming in India and other parts. so pharmacognosy is bigger aspect now. Demand of herbal drugs are elevated due to less side effects. Himalaya, Zandu, Dabur and so many are standing in squad and looking for such person.

Recent Market shows that M.Pharm with
chemistry are less absorbed in industry than B.Sc, Chemistry. Because in pharma chem., we are more concentrating on SAR of the drug molecules.

analysis is other important line where one can go for QA, QC etc. And other fields like biotech, microbiology have less chance in it. It is unique, so you can also go for it.

MBA : If you are very good in management and personally have leadership quality just get in to MBA.

Pharma MBA is most demanded in market. You are from pharmacy background, therefore you can get more beneficial than others. In recent economic recession only pharma-industries are remain unaffected or less effected than any other industries in the world. So be in the field in more beneficial.

Other than it, HR studies is also valuable in any companies or industries. MBA in HR is good but In interview first of all you will be asked that why you did pharmacy? You can do same with any other B.Com or B.A.... So, you have to mentally prepare your self for such argues.

One thing is very clear that simply don't run behind scope or money but go for such a training or education where you have interest and application of knowledge. Only you can justify yourself regarding suitable field in which you are getting fit.