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Scope of Medical Underwriting in insurance company


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What  are opportunities available in insurance industry since I am working in one of insurance company as medical underwriter???

Insurance salesman and me! no way. This was word before 10 years. But today whole criteria is changed as changes occurred in the life style and opportunities. Insurance, in law and economics, is a form of risk management used to hedge against the risk of a contingent loss.

Medical underwriting is an insurance term referring to the use of medical or health status information in the evaluation of an applicant for coverage.

Scope- Many pharma individuals are getting in health sector and making their way to high peaks. In India about 40 % of the uninsured live in households with an income over 5 lakhs.

So scope is very clear that individual who has better communication skill and convenience power will definitely grow in industry. Career advancement is based solely on an individual's ability to perform and produce at the next level, and of course on past performance of individual. It is sure that if company will grow, you will also grow. there is no other business opportunity where you can make out your own salary. candidates with entrepreneurial mind are easily earn up to 50000 per month but there is not limit for grow and also time taking process ( Around 5-10 Years).

But if you are fighting to resist in insurance company please change your path and find a new way.