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Scope of Pharmacy after B.Pharm and MS


Clinical courses


Clinical research courses

1]How much % do we need have for a brighter future ?
  2]What % will be good to go to abroad for M.S?
  3]Where can I go USA or UK or Australia what would be better for pharmacy for good knowledge
  4]What are good job opportunities for me after b pharmacy ?, how much salary I can get after b pharmacy...


Pharmacy is a professional course. Percentages are not for brighter career in pharmacy. It's all about your knowledge and grip on practicals. And also on some extent on experience. As you are becoming elder in profession, you will gain more value and respect.

For getting in to MS, percentage is not require.. Pass class can also applicable. It's all depends upon GRE and TOEFL score.
For pursuing MS, US is the best hub because a lot of scope and opportunities in US.

So many jobs are available after B.Pharm and salary status differ from job to job. If you are going in to R&D, your starting may be 8000-10000 or more per month.
If you are getting in to teaching profession, your starting salary may lies between 10000-15000.

So, all it is matter of knowledge and skills which can keep you on high.