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Career after B.Pharm


Clinical courses


Clinical research courses

Which career will be the best from following after B.Pharm ... M.Pharm, ICRI or Healthcare for instant placement?

There are number of institutions or companies which are offering very attractive placements for fresher or experience holders. The main canvass for getting job is depend upon person to person and their ability in particular field.

A Person with M.Pharm may earn 8000-10000 per month initially. But  later growth is very quick and one may double the salary only in one year if he/ she has sufficient knowledge regarding the pharma field.

The new growing branch of research is CR ( Clinical Research ). It is seem to have lot of huge opportunities. But it never comparable to Master in Pharmacy. Clinical research from ICRI is consider as one of good course. some other institutes like Manipal is also offering a same with more convenient. Healthcare can be good option if you are greatly interested in management of the diseases or disorders. They are also earn upto 5000-9000 per month but growth rate is comparatively slow.

Higher placemant and greater salary can be obtained through marketing or MBA.