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M.Pharm in biotechnology and scope in m.pharm in biotechnology


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M.Pharm in biotech is better for future or its better to do in other branches?

It is not kept secret from anyone that it is very difficult to get jobs after biotechnology. Lot of students who had completed their M.Sc in biotech. are struggling to absorb in good companies of India. And it is also very difficult to find institution which will provide M.Pharm in Biotechnology.

And just think that why anyone will select you if they have better knowledge employees who are B.Sc with biotech. In pharmacy you are never find any separate subject for biotech. If someone is specialized in Biotech and ready to work in lower salary then who will stand for you. As we are pharmacist our status and salary rate is definitely higher than them.

So, It is very difficult to work in biotech after pharmacy but everything is matter of knowledge and interest. If you have confidence to fight and very good knowledge in biotech., that will make lot of difference.

A student of biotech can enter in to R & D and marketing but a student of pharmacy can enter in to R & D, F & D, marketing, DRA, GMP, IPR, PMT and now also in CADD or I.T. If you are entered in to pharmacy, go ahead with pharmacy. As pharmacy have very precious future prospectus and opportunities. M.Pharm in pharmaceutics or pharmacology or pharmacognosy will make a impressive resume and you will easily absorb in any  pharmaceutical industry.