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 Is M.Pharm in pharmacology is better than pharmaceutics in industry?

Now a days there is a better scope of Pharmaceutics than any other pharma field. As there are lot of projects and researches are going on the same. Because now a days companies are more concentrating on formulation and development (F & D) rather than R & D. Since R & D is more expensive.
But it is not so that Pharmacology does not have advantages. Each and every subjects have their own advantages. As per all know that if any new molecule or drug is discovered, it will go through kinetics and dynamics studies, toxicology studies, preclinical and clinical studies etc. which all are done in Pharmacology experts.

If a person wants to join any from both, it all depends upon his/her interest. A person is with good knowledge about pharmacology will not progress his/herself in pharmaceutics. It is not a matter to join any of them due to their value but join per your interest then only you grow.