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Answers of queries reguarding Pharmacy answered by experts


Clinical courses


Clinical research courses


9)Which subject will be most attractive for master degree after B.Pharm. Can any courses are available for MD after B.Pharm?

                                                                                            -Pankaj Kumar

10) M.Pharm in biotech is better for future or its better to do in other branches?

                                                                                            - Ankur Patel

11) Which career will be the best from following after B.Pharm ... M.Pharm, ICRI or Healthcare for instant placement?

                                                                                             -Pankaj Kumar

12) How much % do we need have for a brighter future, What % will be good to go to abroad for M.S?, Where can I go USA or UK or Australia what would be better for pharmacy for good knowledge, What are good job opportunities for me after b pharmacy ?, how much salary I can get after b pharmacy...


13) I am doing B.pharm final year. I would like to know information about clinical research and it's future prospects and which branch in M.pharm is having more demand?


14) What are opportunities available in insurance industry since I am working in one of insurance company as medical underwriter?


15) I want to know about the scope of Pharm.D in India and also in abroad? I have completed my B.Pharm and I have two year experience in marketing....

16) Shall I know the future of pharmacy?


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