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United States Pharmacopoeia Global Fellowship Awards Program for 2013-2014 - Three awards of $ 50,000

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USP's Fellows Program promotes research in areas relating to standards for and use of drugs, foods, and dietary supplements. Since the inception of the USP Fellows Program in 1981, USP has invested nearly $4 million in over 200 Fellowship awards.

Three awards at $50,000


The USP Research Fellowship Awards will be presented to the students whose proposed research directly address specific USP scientific or research needs. This program offers up to three years of funding. Applicants must ensure that their research topic is in close alignment to USP research priorities as detailed below.

Applicants for the USP Research Fellowship Awards must
*Have been accepted for full–time study in a Ph.D. or Pharm.D. program or medical or dental school;
*Have been accepted to a Fellowship Program; or
*Have been awarded a postdoctoral research (non–faculty) appointment.

Non–U.S. applicants must have a background in standards and currently be enrolled in an equivalent educational program. International students must possess the appropriate visa required to participate in the Research Fellows Program. USP will not assist students to obtain a visa for this purpose. USP may require proof of visa status as a condition of offering a Research Fellowship to a student.

Applicants for Global Fellowship Awards may not currently be in receipt of funds from USP, or directly or indirectly under contract with USP, even if the activity is unrelated to applicant’s research proposal.

The USP Research Fellowship Awards allow for subsequent year's funding; however, second awards are not automatic. Applications for continued funding must include a progress report on the research up to the time of application.


Application Process
Each application must include:
*A completed application form signed by the applicant, a faculty advisor, and a university official
*A curriculum vitae and transcript
*A progress report on the research if application is for second–year funding
*A research proposal

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Post–Award Requirements/Institutional Commitment
Resulting publications and/or theses must acknowledge USP financial support, and a copy must be provided to USP for retention. A report on the research accomplishments must be provided by the Global Fellows no later than three months following the end of the funding period. The Global Fellows are required to meet with USP staff at the USP Headquarters in Rockville, Maryland at the start of the funding period. USP will arrange and cover travel costs for this meeting. The Global Fellows are also required to give a poster presentation at a USP–sponsored meeting or event, up to December 30, 2014.

USP Global Fellows will be required to work closely with the assigned USP staff to ensure alignment with USP priorities. This will include quarterly meetings by telephone or web with assigned USP staff, the meeting with USP staff at the USP Headquarters at the start of the funding period, and a meeting with USP staff at a USP-sponsored meeting or event.

As fiscal agents for the Global Fellows, the institutions receive funds and must provide USP with a summary of expenditures at the end of the annual period. The institutions must agree that funds will not be used to pay overhead or administrative expenses. Awards are to support the Global Fellows and the costs of the research as submitted by the Global Fellows and approved by a selection committee. Most of the award should be used as a stipend for the Fellows in accordance with the policies of the institution. The remainder may be used for tuition, travel, research, clerical help, or equipment necessary to carry out the purpose of the award. No portion of the award may be used for teaching, other research, or other services of a part–time nature unless these components are a condition for the degree.

Awards must be completed by the USP Global Fellow under the direction of the designated faculty advisory at the educational institution named in the application. At USP's sole discretion, Fellowship Awards may be transferred if good cause is demonstrated.

Application Deadline for USP Fellowship Awards and USP Research Fellowship Awards

Deadline for 2013–2014 awards: April 30, 2013

Mail application to:
USP Global Fellowship Awards Program
c/o Helen Kharab

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