Mobile technology is defined as a term which includes all types of communications performed by mobile. These days mobile health or mHealth is an emerging field which uses mobile technology to deliver better healthcare services and also useful in health researches which helps to meet the global health challenges of today. One of the best example of mobile health is “Medline plus” which is user friendly and customized technology, so that user can have direct and instant access to number of medical information like a full medical encyclopedia about various diseases, syndromes, conditions their diagrams, images, drug information, health and fitness tips and even user can browse a lot more using search engine. This is one of the easiest way to bring medical information and awareness to the public with the help of mobile technology.

Mobile technology has revolutionized the way healthcare is delivered around the globe. It strengthens the healthcare provider and patient relationship. mHealth is used to promote healthy lifestyle changes, encouraging patients active involvement in their time period of treatment, and also improve a healthcare provider's access to patient information all with the goal of improving healthcare outcomes.

In another way mobile technologies can make life more better not just for patients but for doctors too by reducing the amount of time we waste waiting: waiting to see doctor, waiting for doctors prescription, waiting for investigation results.

mHealth applications are helpful in gathering community and thus collecting large clinical health data with real time monitoring of patients vital signs ,delivering healthcare information to the patients as well as practitioners ,researchers. Mobile-enabled programs can keep remote health workers up-to-date through distance learning programs, and health alerts and can provide patients with the information they need to live healthier lives.

Mobile technology plays an important role in clinical research, which is a ground component of healthcare sector that bridges the gap between development of the drug and its sale in the market. Mobile applications are highly beneficial for Pharma Company to recruit patients for the drugs trial phases. Mobile technology results in overcoming some of the challenges of conducting a drug trial like monitoring patient progress, compliance to drug consumption and drug protocol adherence. In this case with the help of this technology sponsors are largely benefited by cost reduction in trial and procuring correct and quality data. In conclusion mobile technology is a cost effective, time saving, accurate, accessible and feasible solution to deliver quality healthcare services.

Article By,
Kiran Sharma
MBA (Healthcare & Hospital Management)
Hyderabad Central University

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