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'National Biotechnology Development Strategy' Being drafted

A policy to encourage life sciences education, research, and entrepreneurship, is being drafted, the government today informed the Lok Sabha. The draft policy, known as National Biotechnology Development Strategy 2, is currently under discussion with all senior experts and stakeholders for finalisation before its release.

"The Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science andTechnology is in the process of drafting a 'National Biotechnology Department Strategy 2' for encouraging life science education, research and entrepreneurships," Minister of state for Science and Technology, Y S Chowdary said in a written response to a question in Lok Sabha. The strategy seeks to address a number of identified challenges in terms of tailor-made human capital for scientific researach and entreprenuership, research prioroties, resources, core facilities, he said.

He added that the policy will help in creation of investment capital, intellectual property regime, technology transfer, absorption, diffusion and commericialisation (of technology), setting regulation standards and accredition, creating biotechnology partnerships between public and private sectors both nationally and globally, and public understanding of the field. PTI

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