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Request to join Pharmacist Union

Pharma courses

pharma courses dear friend...!!
I have started to unite pharma peoples, students as well as industry persons who wants to be a part of pharma revolution. Some of our basic issues should reach to the government and these should only be possible after a unite effort. Not only a single effort can reach a my request to all our pharma brothers and sisters to unite to reach our goal.
First of all we have reach to a reasonable numbers of members who are actively participated then i ll start a website.
i want to spread this to each n every pharma person.
I have started pharmacist union on which every pharma person free to join n support.!!
its a humble request to every pharmacist to support our pharma profession survival..!!
I M not able to see struggle of my pharma friends who have invested their time as well as money for their pharma carrier and hardly getting paid only 8-10,000 per month.
Remember a union can stand only by support of its member..
Vijendra B. Chauhan
Pharmacist Union


Anonymous (not verified)

please provide us a facebook page link

Anonymous (not verified)
Link to join pharmacist union.
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joining of pharmacy union

Sir ,I have completed my graduation in pharmacy , I am struggling from hardly last 2 years to get a affordable in R&d companies or in govt sectors ,but by working in retail stores I am hardly 8,000-10,000 per month.
you can help me by joining this union.
Your Respectful,
Rohan kodag,
Mobile no-9970986369

Anonymous (not verified)
Joining to union...

My dear friend....
i am also a pharma professional working in R&D in pharma compny. i am satisfied but this is not a personal matter. as we are thinking that after joining to this union i will be able to earn more. we have to think for all pharma students as well as professionals like you and other.I will definitely help you...not only you but our other pharma professionals u know...a single effort can not make a difference..
A list of issues are there in our pharma which we have to solve n it will take time.u can see it on our union group.
and a revolution is not a single day process.just go ahead with our aim n goal.and if u really want to bring the change.
first of all my aim is to reach reasonable number of members.then we will solve our prblms one by one.

Thank you..

Vijendra B. Chauhan
Pharmacist union

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