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Submitted by admin on 18 June 2013 dear friend...!!

I have started to unite pharma peoples, students as well as industry persons who wants to be a part of pharma revolution. Some of our basic issues should reach to the government and these should only be possible after a unite effort. Not only a single effort can reach a my request to all our pharma brothers and sisters to unite to reach our goal.
First of all we have reach to a reasonable numbers of members who are actively participated then i ll start a website.
i want to spread this to each n every pharma person.
I have started pharmacist union on which every pharma person free to join n support.!!
its a humble request to every pharmacist to support our pharma profession survival..!!
I M not able to see struggle of my pharma friends who have invested their time as well as money for their pharma carrier and hardly getting paid only 8-10,000 per month.
Remember a union can stand only by support of its member..

Vijendra B. Chauhan
Pharmacist Union

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