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What is difference between M.Tech in Biotech and M.Pharm in Biotechnology


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Submitted by admin on 3 December 2011

M.Tech in Biotechnology & M.Pharm in Biotechnology seems simillar when you heard it first time. but there are visible difference between this fields. M.Tech related to applications of biotechnology in the technical field while M.Pharm related to the applications of biotechnology in the field of medicine. Candidates who are from technical background can select M.Tech instead of M.Pharm. M.Pharm course is for those who are interested in the research field.

M.Tech in Biotech & Opportunities
Lots of opportunities are available for the candidates who have pursuied M.Tech in Biotechnology. Various jobs available are Verification Engineer, Mechanical Design Engineer, Electrical Product Design Engineer, Researcher and Product development engineer.  Several other jobs are available for these graduates in different fields in private and public sector. Some of those employment areas are Quality testing laboratories, Pharmaceuticals, Teaching institutions, Power plants, Chemical industries, Oil Exploration and Refining

M.Pharm in Biotech & Opportunities
Numerous opportunities are available in the pharma, biopharma & lifescience industries for the person completed M.Pharm in Biotechnology. They can work as a Research Executive/Associate, clinical executive or for medical coding in various pharmaceutical companies. Companies also need R&D professionals for marketing their products. Even for government & private projects they can work as JRF, SRF, RA ect. They can also work in FDA & forensic departments of state or central government. They have similar chance to work for faculty post in various pharmacy/biotech institutes.

Eligibility differences between M.Tech & M.Pharm in Biotechnology

M.Tech in Biotechnology is an engineering course. The eligibility needed to pursue this course is a bachelor’s degree in engineering or technology.

M.Pharm in Biotechnology is a pharmacy course. The eligibility needed to pursue this course is a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy.

Even though both of these courses deal with the application of biotechnology, each of them focuses on divergent fields. As M.Tech in Biotechnology is a technical course, they can move on to various technical areas apart from the biotechnology field. They can work in software companies as well as pharmaceutical companies. But the candidates having M.Pharm in biotechnology prefer to work in the research area related to biotechnology.