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Does Hair Transplant work?

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Submitted by admin on 19 January 2011

For any prson who is thinking about going for hair transplantation, this is the most basic question - Would the hair transplantation work?

Researchs are going on and generally it is believed that the transplanted hair from one person to another will be rejected unless anti rejection medicines are taken for life.

However research and studies are going on and scientists are finding ways to transplant hair from one person to another without rejection. However it is believed that if the hair is transplanted from one own body than the chances of rejection are negligible.

In men, there are two typs of baldness found:- One where men start losing hair by center and another which is most typical in women where hair loss is distributed through out the scalp. In the first kind of Hair loss, the transplantation is done by harvesting DHT resistent hair from the back of ones own scalp and then transplant it to the bald area.This kind of Hair transplantation is generally sustainable and in normal cases can be guaranteed that the hair will grow smoothly. But the other type of hair loss where the hair loss is through out the scalp, the transplantation is more difficult types and there is no gaurantee that the hair would continue to grow in the recipient area.

Hair transplant is a multi stage procedure which starts from planning and ends with transplantation of hair. No hair is removed unless it is decided where will that hair be transplanted. People who will face continuous hair loss due to generic reasons, planning becomes all the more important . In this kind of progressive hair loss transplantations some hair are reserved for future transplantations. The possibility of hair loss is indicated by the family history of the person and also by the rate at which hair is lost. So before going for a Hair transplant it should be ensured that proper check up has been done and if there is a need for future transplant that it also should be discussed at the planning stage only.

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