Industry program in drug discovery and patenting.

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krunal pawar
Industry program in drug discovery and patenting.

Pharma courses

pharma courses

Respected Sir,

               I am a B.Pharm graduate passed out in 2010 and presently working in pharmacovigilance. I am interested in doing masters in pharmacology next year.Recently i came a cross a industry program which offers basic to intermediate knowledge in drug discovery. I want to know that such distance education program will help me to get my CV highlighted while applying for masters or after masters ?


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Such type of Distance

Such type of Distance learning programs are benefited to do get a job after masters but it will not useful for get admission in masters.

Getting admission in masters have different criterias. Candidate need to appear in some competative exams for getting admission in M.Pharm.

Now distance learning programmes are doing needful work to make your CV highlighted but it depends on the program which you went with and the requirement of Job Profile.

krunal pawar
request for information

Thank You for the reply, But in this case would this course help me to highlight my CV.

Could you suggest me some institutes which offers short term courses in drug discovery ?

Do you have a wesite for online help or online chat with pharmatutor experts ?

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