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Drug Regulatory Affairs

Pharma courses

pharma courses

Respaected Sir

I have done M. Pharm in Pharmacology..and currently i am working as a lecturer in one of the undergraduate college. I got an offer to join job in drug regulatory affairs. So please suggest me that whether i should remain in teaching or should join DRA............i am in great confusion....


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Comparison of Faculty Jobs and DRA jobs

Teaching is having good career prospectus in compare to DRA. Even you can join government institutes in faculties which is not possible in DRA. And believe me salary will be more than 75000-1.25 lakhs per month...

If you have dream to pursue Ph.D... you can also go for Ph.D along with job which is not possible with DRA.

Almost growth and career in DRA is same as faculty jobs but faculty jobs are most comfortable in compare to DRA. Work load is more in DRA....

But if it is your dream to join DRA, then you should go in that otherwise there will be no problem in continuing with faculty jobs

I think DRA is the best one

I think DRA is the best one to go ahead as it is newly emerging profession in our country. And requirement of DRA professionals is very higher.

Every  company want to be at safe side in regulation of newly launched products. Lectureship is static with compare to Regulatory Affairs. No doubt teaching is also good profession. even i am in same too but in advanced day of career if you get opportunity then grasp it.

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