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Re:Eligibility & Skills for P'ceutical Rep In USA

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Dear  Admin,

                      I am B.Pharm with 1 years experience as MR and now moving to USA shortly as immigrant. Question is that i want to do Job as P'ceutical Rep as i have heard there is fat money and satisifaction in this field with lot of facilities.So please tell me what is the eligibility and skills required to become successfull in such field.






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Pharmaceutical representative in US


Most pharmaceutical companies require that their sales representatives hold a minimum of a Bachelor's degree and they look favorably on graduate work. Many successful representatives are graduates of business, marketing or communications.

The American Pharmaceutical Association provides a certification program which is approved by the Pharmaceutical Advisory Board. The National Association of Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives also offers a certification program which can be completed at any of 200 colleges and universities throughout the US.

Though now as per sources we come to know that requirement of sales representative is reducing day by day since new product patent is introduced.

The most appropriate things you will come to know once after you will fly to US.

Best of Luck for your career ahead.

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thats the really good

thats the really good approach to be sales executive after B.Pharm from India

i think it is not straight forward to be sales executive in US otherwise all of  my frds joined the field. Even i heard there is no need of sales executive now a days. Because docs just writing molecule name in Rx. and Pharmacy store owners deciding about which brand should be sold.

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