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APRIL 2014


We, health professionals, celebrate world’s tuberculosis day on 24th March every year and promising ourselves about spreading awareness of tuberculosis in public but are we really emphasizing on it? How many of us talked about TB with public surrounding us? Hardly few! Well, in India numbers of cases of drug resistant TB are increasing day by day. The main reason behind this is least awareness of tuberculosis, unauthorized use of antibiotics or OTC selling of antibiotics or many more. Though government is taking enough steps to spread awareness of TB but this is not enough. We have to work together and contribute for same.

This issue highlights on identification of bacterial species by combined bioinformatic and polymerase chain reaction. It contains review on interstitial cystitis syndrome, value based pricing, rational use of medicines, solid dispersion, probiotics, interleukins, athero- sclerosis & treatment, pharmacognosy, pre-phytochemistry and pharmacological analysis of tridax procumbens, plant hormones in growth and development and health benefits of garlic.

It also contain researches on in-vitro screening of dhatura inoxia for its anti-malarial activity against p. falciparum, sex determination using the advanced omic techniques, pharmaceutical marketing and ethical codes, screening of ‘piper betel’, knockdown (micro-rna inhibiting technique) technique for evaluation of alpha-1a adrenergic receptor and p2x1 receptor functions, anti-diabetic activity of gossypium herbaceum, antibacterial activity of ethanolic extract of lawsonia inermis and enhancement of solubility of alprazolam.