Formulation development and evaluation of delayed release enteric coated Paracetamol tablets

  • Posted on: 1 December 2015
  • By: admin

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PharmaTutor (December- 2015)


Print-ISSN: 2394 - 6679
e-ISSN: 2347 - 7881
(Volume 3, Issue 12)


Received On: 12/07/2015; Accepted On: 12/08/2015; Published On: 01/12/2015


AUTHORS: Vivek P. Chavda*, Moinuddin M. Soniwala
Department of Pharmaceutics,
B.K. Mody Government Pharmacy College, (Affiliated to Gujarat Technological University)
Rajkot, Gujarat (India)


ABSTRACT: The aim of this study was to investigate and evaluation of delayed release enteric coated paracetamol tablets. Successful delivery of drugs specifically to the intestine requires the protection of drug from being released in stomach. PCM core tablets were prepared with and without superdisintigrant using wet granulation method. Dip coating method is used for coating were different concentration of Eudragit L100 is used as coating agent. Preformulation studies like angle of repose, bulk density, tapped density, porosity, Carr's index, Hausner's ratio were performed. The FDT2 batch shows the highest drug release at end of total 135 min of 94.13 % which are the satisfactorily promising results. So, we can conclude that the FDT2 is the optimized batch among all three batches. From the reproducible results obtained from the executed experiments it can be concluded that Eudragit L 100 can be used as enteric coated polymer. These results reflect that PCM can be successfully enteric coated in order to prevent its release in the stomach and facilitate rapid release of the drug in the duodenum, due to the presence of superdisintegrant. Formulating these enteric coated tablets could increase patient compliance by decreasing adverse drug reactions (ADRS) associated with PCM therapy.


How to cite this article: VP Chavda, MM Soniwala; Formulation development and evaluation of delayed release enteric coated Paracetamol tablets; PharmaTutor; 2015; 3(12); 35-39