Medications of Quinazolines and Quinoxalines (Qs & Qs): An overview

  • Posted on: 1 August 2014
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PharmaTutor (August- 2014)
ISSN: 2347 - 7881
(Volume 2, Issue 8)


Received On: 15/06/2014; Accepted On: 18/06/2014; Published On: 01/08/2014


AUTHORS: Mayure Vijay kumar*1, V. Sravanthi1, Donthineni Kalyan2, Sathyanarayana1, C.P.Meher1
1Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Maheshwara College of Pharmacy,
2Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis, Saraswathi College of Pharmaceutical Sciences.
Isnapur chitkul ‘X’ road, Patancheru, Hyderabad.


The heterocyclic compounds are also called as Hetero-cycle, as majority of the chemical compounds are characterized as hetero-compound due to the joining of atoms with the other compounds. The cyclic part (from Greek kyklos, meaning “circle”), while the prefix hetero- (from Greek heteros, meaning “other” or “different”). Although, Quinazolines and Quinoxalines derivatives are known to possess wide range of activities, the major activity of the compound depend on the position of the appropriate hetero-compound, explained to show the pharmacological activities, the theme of these review is to explain the derivatives of the Q&Q compounds with their medications.


How to cite this article: VK Mayure, V Sravanthi, D Kalyan, Sathyanarayana, CP Meher; Medications of Quinazolines and Quinoxalines (Qs & Qs): An Overview; PharmaTutor; 2014; 2(8); 179-187