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Q.106  Which microbe is used for validation of sterilization by filtration process?
(A)   Bacillus stearothermophilus     (B)   Pseudomonas diminuta
(C)   Bacillus subtilis                           (D)   Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Q.107  Which wavelength of the UV light provides maximum germicidal action?
(A)   253.7 nm    (B)   275.5 nm    (C)   283.5 nm    (D)   240.0 nm

Q.108  Which of the following forces contribute to stability of charge-transfer complexes?
(A)    Resonance forces
(B)    Resonance and London dispersion forces
(C)    Dipole-dipole interactions and London dispersion forces
 (D)   Resonance forces and dipole-dipole interactions

Q.109   Determine the correctness or otherwise of the fallowing statements:
[P] Rheopexy is the phenomenon when a sol farms gel more readily when sheared gently. [Q] In a rheopectic system, sol is the equilibrium form.
[R] Rheopexy is a phenomenon when a sol forms gel when the material is kept at rest.
(AT [R] is true but [P] and [Q] are false    (B)   [P] is true but [Q] and [R] are false
(C)   [P], [Q] and [R], all are false              (D)   [P], [Q] and [R], all are true

Q.110  Molecules in the smectic liquid crystals are characterized by which one of the followings?
(A)    Mobility in three directions and rotation in one axis
(B)    Mobility in two directions and rotation in one axis
(C)    Mobility in two directions and no rotation
(D)    Mobility in three directions and no rotation

Q.111   Determine the correctness or otherwise of the following Assertion [a] and the Reason [r]:
Assertion [a] : For a pharmaceutical powder true density is greater than the granule density.
Reason [r]   : Mercury displacement used for determining granule density, allows penetration of liquid into internal pores of the particles.
(A)    [a] is true but [r] is false
(B)    Both [a] and [r] are false
(C)    Both [a] and [r] are true and [r] is the correct reason for [a]
(D)    Both [a] and [r] are true but [r] is NOT the correct reason for [a]

Q.112   Define Plasmapheresis? Choose the correct answer.
(A)    The process of collecting plasma and returning the red blood cells concentrate to the donor
(B)    The process of collecting red blood cells concentrate and returning the plasma to the donor
(C)    The process of separating white blood cells from blood
(D)    The process of generating artificial blood plasma expanders

Q.113   Choose the correct sequence of Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate in packaging materials?
(A)    Paper > Aluminium foil > PVC > PVdC
(B)    Aluminium foil > PVC > PVdC > Paper
(C)    Aluminium foil > PVdC > PVC > Paper
(D)    Paper > PVC > PVdC > Aluminium foil

Q.114  What will be the dose required to maintain therapeutic concentration of 20 microgram/ml for 24 hr of a drug exhibiting total clearance of 2 L/hr?
(A)   96 mg    (B)   480 mg    (C)   960 mg    (D)   48 mg

Q.115  The Reynolds number widely used to classify flow behavior of fluids is the ratio of which one of the followings?
(A)   Inertial forces to gravitational forces       (B)   Inertial forces' to viscous forces
(C)   Viscous forces to inertial forces    (D)   Viscous forces to gravitational forces

Q.116  What for the baffles are provided in a shell and tube heat exchanger?
(A)   To increase turbulence    CB)   To decrease turbulence
(C)   To prevent corrosion    (D)   To increase shell side passes

Q.117  Which statement is FALSE for Association Colloids?
(A)   They are also called amphiphiles    (B)   They contain aggregated molecules
(C)   They show partial solvation    (D)   They are also called micelles

Q.118  What will be the time required for a drug exhibiting first order rate constant of 4.6/hr to be degraded from initial concentration of 100 mg/ml to 10 mg/ml?
(A)   2hr    (B)   4hr    (C)   9 hr    (D)   0.5 hr

Q.119  What will be the urine to plasma ratio of a weakly acidic drug having pKa of 5? [urine (pH = 5) plasma (pH = 7)]
(A)   1 : 101    (B)   1 : 201    (C)   2 : 101    (D)   1 : 202

Q.120   If the distillation graph using McCabe Thiele method is parallel to X-axis, then the feed is which one of the followings?
(A)   Saturated liquid    (B)   Saturated vapor
(C)   Superheated liquid    (D)   Superheated vapor