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Information about MHRD scholarship for Post Graduation Pharmacy after GPAT


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Postgraduate admissions with MHRD scholarship

- As per the directives of the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India, the following procedure is to be adopted for admission to postgraduate programmes (Master and Doctoral) with MHRD scholarship/assistantship. The GPAT performance of the candidate will be considered for admission. If the candidate is to be selected through interview for post graduate programmes, minimum 70% weightage is to be given to the GPAT performance. The remaining weightage (30% maximum) can be given to the candidate’s academic record/performance in interview. The admitting institution will prescribe minimum passing percentage of marks in the interview. Some colleges/institutes specify GPAT qualification as the mandatory requirement even for admission without MHRD scholarship/assistantship.

- Candidates are advised to seek details of admission procedures and availability of MHRD scholarship/assistantship from the concerned admitting institution. The criteria for post graduate admission with scholarship/assistantship are different for different admitting institutions. GPAT office will not entertain any enquiry about admission and award of scholarship/assistantship.

- It is the responsibility of the admitting institution to award the MHRD scholarship/assistantship to only those candidates who are GPAT qualified. The management of the postgraduate scholarship/assistantship is also the responsibility of the admitting institution. The M S University of Baroda has no role in the award or disbursement of scholarship/assistantship. Reservation of seats under different categories is as per the policies and norms prevailing at the admitting institution and Government of India rules.

- A candidate declared “GPAT qualified at the time of admission” is entitled for MHRD fellowship for 24 months unless he/she looses it due to poor performance in the registered programme.


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