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CGHS ALLOPATHY Question with Answers Key 26-50

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26) Metal X is soft and can be easily cut with Knife. It is used in street light. What is X?
1. Sodium
2.  Mercury
3. Calcium
4.  Lithiu

27) In a garrison, there was food for 1000 soldiers for one month. After 10 days, 1000 more soldiers joined the garrison. How long would the soldiers be able to carry on with the remaining food?
1. 25 days
2. 20 days
3. 15 days
4. 10 days

28) Find the next number in the series : 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, 29,
1. 31
2. 33
3. 51
4. None of the above

29) A person can walk a certain distance and drive back in six hours. He can also walk both ways in 10 hours. How much time will he take to drive both ways?
1. Two hours
2. Two and a half hours
3. Five and a half hours
4. Four hours

30) Consider that : 1) A is taller than B. 2) C is taller than A. 3) D is taller than C. 4) E is the tallest of all. If they are made to sit in the above order of their height, who will occupy the mid position?
1. A
2. B
3. C
4. D

31) Consider the following statements: There are six villages A, B, Q D, E and F. F is 1 km to the west of D. B is 1 km to the east of E. A is 2 km to the north of E. C is 1 km to the east of A. D is 1 km to the south of A. Which three villages are in a line?
1. A, C, B
2. A, D, E
3. C, B, F
4. E, B, D

32) Four children are sitting in a row. A is occupying the seat next to B but not next to C. If C is not sitting next to D, who is /are occupying seat/seats adjacent to D?
1. B
2. A
3. B and A
4. Impossible to tell

33) In a certain code 'open the door' is written as 'ka te jo', 'door is closed' is written as 'jo po ma' and 'this is good' is written as 'la ra po'. What is the code for 'closed'?
1. ma
2. pa
3. jo
4. ka

34) If the minute hand and hour hand of a clock are 25 minutes apart. What will be the angle formed between them?
1. 110°
2. 120°
3. 135°
4. 150°

35) Faster .Higher, Stronger is the motto of which international event
1. FIFA World Cup
2. Olympics
3. World Athletics Championship
4. Afro- Asian Games

36) The Direct Taxes Code is related to which among the following?
1. Income Tax
2. Sales tax
3. Excise Duty
4. Service tax

37) The term "Golden Revolution" is most closely related to which of the following missions?
1. National Solar Mission
2. National Horticulture Mission
3. National Mission on Clean Coal Technologies
4. National Bamboo Mission

38) Make in India campaign aims at
1. Facilitate investment and foster innovation
2. Enhance skill development and protect intellectual property
3. *Build best in class manufacturing infrastructure
4. All of the above

39) The science of Dactylography is commonly known as which of the following?
1. Water printing
2. Carbon dating
3. Finger printing
4. Electro cardiogram

40) Reserve Bank of India is headquartered at
1. Kolkata
2. New Delhi
3. Mumbai
4. Chennai

41) The current H'ble Chief Minister of Karnataka
1. Shri. Yogi Adityanath
2. Shri. Siddaramaiah
3. Shn. H D Kumaraswamy
4. Shri B S Yediyurappa

42) The Ayushman Bharat scheme will subsume which among the following central schemes? i) Rashtnya Swasthya Birna Yojana (RSBY) ii) Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) hi) Senior Citizen Health Insurance Scheme (SCHIS)
1. Only i
2. Only ii
3. Both i & iii
4. Both i & ii

43) With reference to India's culture and tradition, what is Yakshagana?
1. It is an ancient martial art and a living tradition in some parts of South India
2. It is an ancient form of theatre and a living tradition in some parts of South India
3. It is an ancient style bronze and brasswork still found in southern part of Coromandel area
4. It is an ancient Bhakti cult of Shaivism still prevalent in some parts of South India

44) Rashtriya Ekta Diwas (National Unity Day) on 31st October is to commemorate the Birth Anniversary of :
1. Bhagat Smgh
2. Sardar Vallabhai Patel
3. Subhash Chandra Bose
4. Rani Laxmi Bhai of Jhansi

45) Who is the current Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare?
1. Dr. Harsha Vardhan
2. Dr. J.P. Nadda
3. Sri. Peeyush Goel
4. Sri. Ravishankar Prasad

46) What was the theme of 2019 World Health Day?
1. Depression: Let's talk
2. Good health adds life to year
3. Road Safety
4. Universal Health Coverage

47) International Yoga day is celebrated on
1.  23rd July
2. 21st June
3. 21st September
4. 20th August

Question Numbers : (48 to 50)
Question Label: Comprehension
A stout old lady was walking with her basket down the middle of a street in Petrograd to the great confusion of the traffic and no small peril to herself. It was pointed out to her that the pavement was the place for foot- passengers, but she replied, "I m going to walk where I like. We've got liberty now." It did not occur to the dear lady that if liberty entitled the foot-passenger to walk down the middle of the road it also entitled the taxi- driver to drive on the pavement, and that the end of such liberty would be universal chaos. Everything would be getting in everybody else's way and nobody would get anywhere. Individual liberty would have become social anarchy.
Sub questions

48) It was pointed out to the lady that she should walk on the pavement because she was
1. pedestrian.
2. carrying a basket.
3. stout.
4. an old lady.

49) The lady refused to move from the middle of the street because
1. she was not afraid of being killed.
2. she felt that she is entitled to do whatever she liked.
3. she did not like walking on the pavement.
4. she was confused.

50) The old lady failed to realise that
1. she was not really free.
2. her liberty was not unlimited.
3. she was an old person.
4. roads are made for motor vehicles only.

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