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Job Openings for Pharmacists (68 posts) at BNCMC - Government Jobs

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Job Openings for Pharmacists at BNCMC

In order to take preventive measures to prevent the outbreak of Corona Virus (Covid-19) third wave in Bhiwandi Nizampur Municipal Corporation, advertisements are being published for the following posts and selection of aspiring and eligible candidates is being informed to apply for preparation of merit list.

Post : Pharmacist

No of Posts : 68

Qualification : D.Pharm, B.Pharm ; Priority if experience

Salary : Rs 20,000/-

Terms and Conditions
1. After scrutiny of the application received in connection with the advertisement, a draft draft list will be prepared and appointment orders will be issued on the condition of awarding contract on monthly wholesale honorarium basis from the draft quality list as required.  
2. The Hon'ble Commissioner Bhiwandi Nizampur City Corporation reserves the right to make any change in the recruitment process as per the advertisement or to cancel the recruitment process as per the advertisement without giving any reason at any stage.
3. Contract appointments for the post will be made on the basis of objective assessment taking into account the educational qualifications and experience of the post.  
4. The period for the above posts will first be 2 months or until the end of Corona (Covid-19) outbreak, whichever comes first.  Also, candidates who have done satisfactory work for re-appointment by cutting the service for 1 day as required will be considered.
5. This appointment is on contract basis on bulk honorarium basis and for Covid-19 communicable disease period. Their appointment will be terminated after the outbreak of communicable diseases.  They will no longer have the right to be accommodated in the Bhiwandi Nizampur Municipal Corporation service or to seek a permanent job in the future. 
6.  Must have a passion to work with social commitment at the regional level as well as be able to work physically. 
7.  Age limit up to 60 years. 
8.  Preference will be given to those who have worked for Bhiwandi Nizampur Municipal Corporation for Kovid-19 for more than six months. 
9.  Candidates will be selected according to the local conditions and needs as the appointment is on contract basis on temporary lump sum basis.  No inquiries should be made over the phone. 
10.  It will be mandatory for the appointed candidates to serve Covid-19 patients in the appointed Covid Hospital.

11. Selected candidates are required to be present for appointment along with original documents of eligibility and experience along with a passport size photograph and a set of photocopies of the required original documents.  
12. Applications of candidates who do not hold the prescribed qualifications, applications filled in full or incorrectly, age, educational qualification, marks experience, etc., which are not attached with the attested true copy of the required certificate will be considered ineligible.  
13. Candidates to be recruited from the Draft Merit List will be required to report within 03 days after the appointment order is issued.
14. The Medical Health Officer / Head of Department will have the power to decide the nature of work for the above post.  
15. It will be mandatory to serve these posts for at least eight hours daily (as per the convenience of the hospital).  However, considering the prevalence of Covid-19 as it is an essential service, extra work will have to be done as required and no additional honorarium will be paid.  The Head of Department will have the power to fix the working hours of the posts.

16.  No correspondence will be given in case of disqualified candidates.
17.  All rights regarding appointment of eligible candidate Hon.  The Municipal Commissioner has reserved it for himself.  No one can make any claim in this regard.
18.  If the candidate wants to resign after appointment, he has to give at least 15 days written notice otherwise the honorarium for that month will not be paid.
19.  The Service will be terminated without any prior notice of questionable Integrity, Misconduct / Misconduct, Misleading a Senior, Absence, Disobedience of Order. 
20.  Other terms / conditions applicable from time to time shall apply to the concerned.  Also, if the work of the candidate is not satisfactory, the right to terminate the service of the candidate at any stage is given to Hon.  Commissioner, Bhiwandi Nizampur City Corporation. 
21.  If the applicant is not found to be eligible at any stage of the selection process, his / her candidature will be automatically revoked if he / she is found to be abusing and using pressure mechanism.  Also, if such candidates are appointed, their appointment will be terminated without any prior notice. 
22.  It should be clearly noted that if the application is not received in the prescribed format (application form available on the website of Bhiwandi Nizampur Municipal Corporation) within the prescribed time, such application will not be accepted and no letter will be dealt with the applicant.

Candidates who hold the following educational qualifications and qualifications as well as fulfill the other conditions should submit the application in the prescribed form along with the attested copy of the required certificates. Application must be submitted by email / offline 14/09/2021 by 5.00 pm. Interested and eligible candidates should send their application in the prescribed form along with the educational qualification and experience certificate scanned documents by email to  Also to apply offline, establishment department first floor, room no.  106, Bhiwandi Nizampur City Municipal Corporation Head Office, Bhiwandi should be contacted during office hours.

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