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With a view to improve literacy and educational standards in the Project Affected Area of all the projects being executed by it leading to increased employability, the HPPCL (Himachal Pradesh Power Corporation Ltd.) intends to institute a merit and support scholarship scheme besides contributing to educational institutions by way of infrastructure support.

The Merit and Support Scholarship Scheme with the following objectives seeks to help the wards of Project Affected Families (PAF) pursue their education
i. To minimize the number of dropouts who are meritorious but financially not sound.
ii.To enhance educational standards and employability of the wards of PAF.
iii.To encourage the meritorious students in furtherance of their education and to extend financial assistance enabling them to pursue higher education.
iv. To create a pool of potential candidates in the area capable of making meaningful contribution to the local economy including the project of HPPCL in future.

The Scheme shall cover following two categories of wards and students.
a) Students/wards who have got admission on their own merit but need financial support to pursue the course.
b) Students/wards that are given admission against the seats purchased by HPPCL.


Period and availability of Scholarship
i. The Scheme would come in force from the date of award of any or first package of main project work.
ii. The Scheme would be funded from R&R Plan till commissioning of the project. However, if the date of commissioning of the project happens to be in mid-session of the academic year, the Scholarship Scheme would continue till the end of the academic session.
iii. The scholarship for the professional courses would be provided for the full academic course subject to certain conditions.
iv. Number of scholarship for each project will be fixed from time-to-time as per number of PAFs and available budget.

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