INSPIRE Faculty Award Scheme at Punjab University

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pharma courses

Method of Selection
1. A three-tier selection process i.e. Discipline-based Expert Committee in case of candidates under `Direct’ and `Nomination’ routes and in Institutional level short-listing under `Institutional Mode’ followed-by selection by the Apex Level Committee. Finally, INSPIRE Faculty Council selects candidates in all three routes of selection modes.
2. Indian National Science Academy (INSA), New Delhi in coordination with DST will be implementing this INSPIRE Faculty Scheme up to the selection of candidates for awarding INSPIRE Faculty Award.
3. Discipline-wise Committees of INSA would evaluate and screen the candidates who apply on Direct and Nominated Routes without support from host-institutions.
4. Under Institute Mode selection reputed academic institutions enjoying the status of Centre of Excellence like IITs, IISc, IISERs, TIFR, CSIR Laboratories etc. and Central & State Universities selected under PURSE scheme of DST could employ their own internal processes as per mechanism for pre-selection of candidates as available at the website: and submit the list of pre-selected list of candidates for the consideration by the Apex Committee.
5. The Apex Committee shall select short-listed candidates for offering INSPIRE Faculty Award under this Scheme and decision of the Apex Committee for selecting candidates in this Scheme shall further be considered at the INSPIRE Faculty Council whose decision is the final to offer INSPIRE Faculty Award.

Number of INSPIRE Faculty position
Maximum number of INSPIRE Faculty positions under INSPIRE Faculty Scheme shall be 1000 per year.

Amount & Duration
1) Each selected INSPIRE Faculty shall be eligible to receive a consolidated amount equivalent to the scale of the Assistant Professor of an IIT as Fellowship amount with an annual increment @ 3.3% per year. In addition, a Research Grant of Rs 7 lakh per year for 5 years shall also be provided to each successful candidate. This consolidated amount is equivalent to Rs 80000 per month with all inclusive.
2) The INSPIRE Faculty position is for a maximum period of 5 (five) years. However, one can not avail two fellowships concurrently during the tenure of this Award.

Issuing of Offer Letter
1. The Offer Letter for Direct and Nominated Modes candidates is issued through webportal ( . For Institute Mode the concerned Head of Institution is informed by the DST-INSPIRE about the selection of the candidate from that Institute and upon submission of Application of the selected candidate by the Institute, the Offer Letter is issued to the candidate through webportal only.
2. Selected candidates, who have not identified host institutions at the time of their application, should do so immediately after their final selection. Selected candidate shall avail the INSPIRE Faculty Award within 3 months of issuing the Offer Letter of selection. Otherwise the Offer gets forfeited. Only, in exceptional situation one more set of 3 months’ extension may be considered, subject to adequate justifications from candidate.
3. Selected candidate who is yet to be awarded PhD degree, receives only intimation for submission of his/her PhD degree Certificate within 3 months to avoid forfeiting the Offer. Upon submission of the PhD degree certificate, the Offer Letter is issued to the candidate through webportal only for INSPIRE Faculty Award with 3 months’ validity to implement the Offer at the chosen Host Institution.
4. Selected candidates are advised not to choose the Host Institution from where they have done their PhD degree as Host Institution.

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