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ICON is a global provider of outsourced development services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries. We specialize in the strategic development, management and analysis of programs that support Clinical Development – from compound selection to Phase I - IV clinical studies
ICON enjoys a strong reputation for quality and is focused on staff development. We make it our mission to attract the most diverse and creative minds into the business and we continually strive to provide opportunities for our people to excel, grow and build a great career. We understand that our greatest asset is the skills and talents of our people and they are truly what set us apart.

Post : Contract Associate

Job Responsibilities:

Contract/Change Order Development

  • Coordinate and develop contracts and change orders for newly awarded and on-going, single service, direct to contract and consulting projects at ICON.
  • Work simultaneously on numerous contracts and/or change orders.
  • Interact with ICON Legal, the Sales Team, and their respective Contracts Manager, as necessary, to determine the appropriate terms and conditions to be included in the contracts (inclusive of Start-up Agreements) and change orders.
  • Develop an understanding of applicable ICON costing tools and how budgets are built, client budget grids, and any tools and templates developed within the Client Contract Services group as required.
  • Solicit input and review of contracts and change orders from the relevant operational departments.
  • Ensure that payment terms follow ICON's recommended payment guidelines
  • Work with respective Contract Manager on any issues that need to be escalated within ICON or the client and to be able to recognize when client questions/comments need required input and review by Legal and/or operations/senior management.
  • Update Salesforce in a timely and consistent manner with concise, accurate information on status of the contract or change order.
  • Develop and maintain client/project files and tracking tools.


- Review client/project documents and budgets prior to submission to their respective Contract Manager for final QC review.

Build Relationships
- With ICON project teams, sales, proposals, finance, and project analysis.
- With clients, other ICON service areas, and third party vendors if needed.

* Ensure clear and direct communication when corresponding (verbally or written) with the project team and client on the status of the contract and/or change order.
* Provide the relevant information required for negotiations and discussions with clients regarding cost proposals/change orders/contracts to the Contract Manager, the respective Sales personnel, and project teams.
* Lead and/or assist internal meetings required related to contracts and change orders
* Assist with client meetings with respective Contracts Manager required related to contracts and change orders.

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