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Vacancy for Clinical Research Coordinator at Tata Medical Center


Clinical courses


Clinical courses

Vacancy for Clinical Research Coordinator at Tata Medical Center

The Tata Medical Center (TMC) is a multispecialty institution for tertiary cancer care. At TMC, clinical and research activities are integrated to provide state-of-the-art care for patients with cancer. This integration is enabled by the Tata Translational Cancer Research Centre (TTCRC), TMC’s research institution. At TTCRC, a multidisciplinary team of clinicians, scientists, academics and industry professionals collaborate to develop a systems medicine approach in cancer research. This approach is focussed on developing innovative, indigenous, cost-effective and equitable strategies to improve cancer diagnosis; develop personalised treatments and, identify prognostic and predictive disease biomarkers. These strategies are multi-dimensional and involve an iterative integrated pathway that include clinical trials, high-throughput laboratory studies, sophisticated data analytics, hypothesis-driven pre-clinical studies and evidence-based clinical translation.

Post : Clinical Research Coordinator

he Position and the FORE Research Group
Applications are invited for the position of Clinical Research Coordinator within the Functional Oncology Research (FORE) group at TTCRC. The FORE group employs functional precision medicine strategies to develop personalised therapies for patients with cancer. Central to this is the development of suitable ex vivo disease models and the use of drug response profiling to identify effective drug treatments. Using this approach, the FORE group has developed novel combination chemotherapy treatments for patients with very high risk acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (PATH or Precision Approach protocols for Treatment of Haematological Malignancies). The PATH protocols currently represent the standard of care for treatment of patients with very high risk acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (VHR-ALL) at TMC. Plans are underway to introduce and evaluate the PATH protocols as recommended strategy for VHR-ALL patients across the Indian Collaborative Childhood Leukaemia (ICiCLe) ALL clinical trials network. The FORE group's activities are intricately intertwined with those of other TTCRC research groups.

Roles and Responsibilities
The Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) will play a pivotal role in the FORE group. The CRC will work closely with the FORE group, with TTCRC’s Clinical Research Unit and with clinical colleagues to implement, monitor, evaluate and report the treatment of patients on the PATH protocols. This includes
(a) Identifying patients potentially eligible for treatment on the PATH protocols
(b) Facilitating protocol discussions and consent for treatment with patients and families
(c) Assisting in preparation of treatment protocols
(d) Diligently tracking patients treated on the PATH protocols, including their scheduled follow- ups, unscheduled hospital visits, hospitalisations, and serious adverse events / reactions
(e) Maintaining a comprehensive database for patients treated on the PATH protocols, integrating data from clinical and laboratory studies (including diagnostic and research laboratory data)
(f) Maintaining close interactions with clinical and research teams involved in the management of ALL in general, and VHR-ALL in particular.
(g) Assuming responsibility for data analysis and preparation of reports, in real-time and at regular intervals Since VHR-ALL patients represent a subset of patients receiving treatment for ALL, the CRC will also have the following additional responsibilities
(h) Prospective data capture and tracking of patients receiving ALL treatment, working closely with colleagues in TTCRC’s Clinical Research Unit
(i) Assisting clinicians with patient supervision, including outpatient reviews and discussions at multidisciplinary team meetings

Candidate Profile
Minimum required qualifications/experience
(a) Master’s degree in a biomedical science field or a related field
(b) Proficiency with Microsoft Office suite applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
(c) Advanced Beginner competency in managing spreadsheets
(d) Beginner-level competency in data analysis and statistical tests

Necessary qualities
(a) Integrity, motivation, enthusiasm
(b) Focus and commitment in carrying out tasks and duties
(c) Excellent organisational skills, scrupulous time management, attention to detail
(d) Ability to work effectively as part of a multidisciplinary team
(e) Clarity in career and professional development goals

Desired qualities
(a) Clinical research experience
(b) Familiarity with statistical analysis software / programmes

Appointment and Reporting
The initial term of appointment to the position is 12 months. Performance will be appraised midway through the appointment. Following completion of the 1-year probationary period, appointment would be renewed for an additional 2 years, contingent upon performance evaluation and mutual agreement. The consolidated monthly salary would be commensurate with qualifications, experience and TTCRC policy. The candidate will be managed by the group lead, MRD group and will report to the Director, TTCRC. The position will be funded initially from TTCRC’s asparaginase monitoring programme grant. The CRC will report to the FORE group Lead (Dr Jasmeet Sidhu).

Submission of applications by post or by e-mail to :
Mr Suvasish Mukherjee;
Head, Human Resources;
Tata Medical Center; 14 Major Arterial Road (East-West);
Newtown, Rajarhat; Kolkata 700 160

Application Form

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