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Merck Limited (formerly E. Merck Limited) was set up in India as the first Merck subsidiary in Asia in 1967.  The Company operates both its Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals businesses in the country. Merck was also the first Merck Group Company to go public in the year 1981.  The Merck Group now holds 51% of the share capital in Merck Limited, while the remaining 49% is traded on the Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd. and National Stock Exchange of India Ltd.  Merck Specialities Pvt. Ltd., the wholly owned Indian subsidiary of Merck KGaA, was incorporated in 2005.

Post : Project Manager

Roles & Responsibilities: 
• Information Technology is responsible for the execution and delivery of projects on behalf of the different Merck business units. These projects form a critical and integral part of Merck business operations, and the systems and issues addressed form a key backbone in ensuring that Merck can maintain a competitive edge. The IT infrastructure serves as a key business infrastructure, and the IT organization is charged with the responsibility that this infrastructure is as robust and flexible as possible, to ensure that the business can focus on their core competencies, and not on technology related issues.

• The Project Manager (PM) is the most important role involved in the delivery of IT projects. The PM is ultimately the individual responsible for the delivery and execution of a project. Furthermore, all of the coordination and management of project activities and project resources falls in the hands of the PM. The role requires the individual to operate at a high level view on the project (maintaining a long term focus on risks and timeline), while also maintaining a detailed understanding of all project activities (and ensuring that these are being completed by the relevant individuals).
PM's are responsible for maintaining a forward looking view of the project to understand any upcoming risks, issues, resourcing complications, stakeholder issues, etc. It is the role of the PM to understand these issues before they become serious and to bring them to the attention of the relevant individuals, ensuring that the right discussions are happening in the right forums. If these forums are not yet established, the PM should understand the necessary stakeholders needed to drive decisions forward. 
• Overall delivery falls on the shoulders of the PM. This means not only a delegation of responsibilities to team members, but also ensuring that the right coordination of resources is taking place so that open issues are resolved on a timely basis. Merck IT PM's are not intended as just a PMO that reports on project status- they are also responsible for taking these issues on as part of their own responsibility and making sure that a solution that is satisfactory to both the business and the project is reached. Project delivery forms a key component of the role. Issue management and resolution, along with stakeholder management, form the key elements of this role.
• In terms of general project management approach and style, the most important characteristics for IT PM's are a strong sense of accountability, dedication and rigor to the project at all times, a collaborative and inquisitive working style, and the willingness to push through challenges and difficulties. A lot is asked of PM's, but this is by necessity given the nature of the role.

Candidate Profile

  1. Bachelors/Masters degree in Engineering, Computer Science, Management
  2. PMP/ Prince 2 Practioner Certified
  3. Strong project management experience within regulated industries for a considerable period of time (10+ years), preferably within pharmaceuticals/life sciences/chemicals
  4. Prior experience working within a validated systems environment, and an understanding of the challenges and complexities that this can bring to project delivery and timelines (optional on a case by case basis or industry)
  5. Prior experience in completing a full CSV testing methodology and awareness of the risks, issues, complications, and activities involved in these processes
  6. Prior experience having managed complex projects that include multiple workstreams and multiple stakeholder groups, and demonstrated track record of having successfully delivered these projects
  7. Prior experience working with offshore vendors is preferred, and the knowledge of how to work effectively with these vendors to produce quality output; in addition, the PM must be able to set the right governance for managing these offshore delivery partners
  8. Ability to work in projects and environments that are unstructured- the individual must be capable of establishing his own working patterns and bringing structure to projects where there are multiple parties involved and where roles are not always defined from the start
  9. Ability to establish and promote an effective project governance structure
  10. Capabilities in building strong and trustworthy relationships with all stakeholders, whether in the business, across IT, with vendors, etc. and to promote this working style across other team members
  11. Collaborative working approach, willingness to engage stakeholders on a consistent basis to build ongoing relationships throughout the project so that issue resolution can be completed in an efficient and timely manner
  12. Excellent communication skills, both one on one, and in larger groups. The PM should be able to distinguish relevant from non-relevant information and communicate in a concise manner that is both informative and thorough
  13. Strong sense of accountability both within the PM role and for all project team members
  14. Sets the right example for the team in all aspects of project delivery (e.g. in terms of on time delivery, manner of engaging stakeholders)
  15. High quality standards for all deliverables and rigorousness in the approach to delivering the project
  16. Detail oriented individual, who is closely involved and understands at all times all of the different activities that are taking place in the project
  17. Ability to prioritize and understand where to place resourcing efforts and which issues are most important to the project
  18. Experience in financial management of projects and demonstrated track record of efficiently managing a project towards a budget

Additional Information
Location : Bangalore
Industry Type : Pharma/ Healthcare/ Clinical research
Functional Area : Project
End Date : 30th January, 2019


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