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WHO India Country Office collaborates with the Government of India and relevant stakeholders within the framework of the collaborative Country Cooperation Strategy (CCS), to actively support the development and implementation of national health policies, strategies and plans in the area of Health financing and Health systems strengthening.

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Underlying Values and Core Functions of WHO
All the Member States of WHO in the South East Asia Region (SEAR) share the common value of the highest attainable standard of health as a fundamental human right. All of WHO actions are based on this and rooted in the underlying values of equity, solidarity and participation. The seven point global health agenda contained in WHO's Eleventh General Programme of Work (2006-2015) includes:
(i) investing in health to reduce poverty;
(ii) building individual and global health security;
(iii) promoting universal coverage, gender equality and health related human rights;
(iv) tackling determinants of health; (v) strengthening health systems and equitable access;
(vi) harnessing knowledge, science and technology; and (vii) strengthening governance, leadership and accountability.
WHO's mandate revolves around six core functions: (i) providing leadership on global health matters;
(ii) shaping the health research agenda;
(iii) setting norms and standards;
(iv) articulating evidence-based policy options;
(v) providing technical support to countries; and (vi) monitoring and assessing health trends.WHO - SEAR is made up of 11 countries, with over 1.8 billion people, including India's population of 1.2 billion. The diversity of people and health situations requires, on the demand side, a solid understanding of the emerging socio-economic, epidemiologic and demographic patterns and trends at both the aggregate as well as national and sub-national levels, with due sensitivity to disadvantaged populations and vulnerable segments of the society. On the supply side, it is equally crucial to have a solid understanding of the commonalities and divergences of the health systems, the circumstances and political economy under which they have evolved and operate.Mission of the WHO Country Office for India Within the framework of WHO's Country Cooperation Strategy, the mission of WCO-India is to support India in:
(i) developing and sustaining its own health policies, health systems and public health programmes;
(ii) working to prevent and overcome threats to health;
(iii) anticipating future challenges; and
(iv) advocating public health.


Under the overall guidance of the WHO Representative to India and the direct supervision of Coordinator, Health Programmes, with a view to help achieve the expected results set out in the relevant WCO-India biennial work plans in accordance with WHO's Country Cooperation Strategy with India (2012-2017), as a part of WCO-India team, the incumbent will have the following responsibilities to :
1. Assess the work load in the operational team for providing adequate programme and administrative support to the technical programmes, by allocating responsibilities of activities to the relevant Programme Assistants and administrative support staff working in the operational team for timely completion of priority activities and optimal staff time usage;
2. Provide guidance to technical programmes on correct contract mechanisms and documentation required for compliance with WHO guidelines;
3. Supervise preparation of contractual documentation in GSM and provide guidance to the Programme Assistants and administrative support staff wherever required;    
4. Prepare updated standard templates for frequently used correspondence/ invitation letters, information note to participants/Temporary Advisers to standardize outgoing communications;
5.  Engage with contractual partners for timely submission of deliverables, resolving contentious issues and compliance of WHO contractual requirements;    
6. Follow-up with Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India for nominations for various WHO-organized events and Governing body meetings; including sharing of relevant documentations;
7.  Acting as a referral point, provide guidance to administrative support staff on completed staff work, correspondence procedure, channel of communication, development and maintenance of in-house database wherever required for strengthening institutional memory and generating useful management information;
8. Provide analytical inputs to senior management on programmatic and operational issues wherever required;
9. Prepare a wide variety of complex correspondence for the senior management keeping in mind confidentiality and sensitivity; including language editing of correspondence and documents as required;    
10. Brief newly recruited technical and programme support staff on organizational setting and all programmatic issues;
11.  Prepare draft SoPs for operational functions and ensure its compliance;
12.  Prepare briefing notes for WR/Coordinator/AO;
13.  Any other duties as assigned by the WR/Coordinator/AO.

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