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Clinical research courses


Pratibha, an extravaganza where technology converges with creativity! Pratibha is not just an event; it’s a stage for brilliant minds to showcase their technical prowess through activities like poster presentation, model presentation, debate, and quiz competitions. But that’s not all – we believe in the harmony of both hemispheres, so Pratibha also unfolds a vibrant canvas of nontechnical activities including dance, singing, drama, and more.

Key Initiatives : 
• Local Connections: Forge connections with fellow pharmacy students in Gujarat, building a network that extends beyond classrooms and campuses. 
• Professional Development: Provide resources and opportunities for skill enhancement, career guidance, and exposure to the latest trends in pharmacy practice. 
• Community Engagement: Actively participate in initiatives that address local healthcare needs, contributing to the well-being of communities in Gujarat. 

Why GFPS Gujarat?
 • Statewide Impact : Be part of a forum that directly addresses the unique needs and opportunities within the Gujarat pharmacy community.
 • Cultural Integration : Experience the richness of Gujarat’s culture while collaborating with peers who share a common passion for pharmacy education and practice.
 • Holistic Development : Benefit from a holistic approach to education, emphasizing not only academic excellence but also community engagement and personal growth. Join GFPS Gujarat and be a part of a community that celebrates the spirit of Gujarat while paving the way for the future leaders of pharmacy.

Technical Marvels 
1. Poster Presentation : Unleash your research findings and innovations on a visual canvas. The poster presentation is a platform for tech enthusiasts to communicate their ideas effectively. 
2. Model Presentation : Bring your concepts to life! The model presentation category invites participants to create physical prototypes that embody their technical ingenuity. 
3. Debate Dynamics : Engage in intellectual sparring as you delve into thought-provoking topics. The debate at Pratibha challenges participants to articulate and defend their viewpoints. 
4. Quiz Quest :  Sharpen your wits and quicken your reflexes in the quiz competition. A battle of knowledge where every correct answer inches you closer to victory. 

Artistic Elegance
1. Dance Symphony : Let your passion take center stage. Pratibha’s dance competition welcomes performers to showcase their artistic expression and rhythmic flair.
2. Sonic Harmony :  From soulful tunes to powerful anthems, the singing competition is a celebration of vocal prowess. Bring forth your melodious magic and captivate the audience. 
3. Dramatic Chronicles : Immerse yourself in the world of drama. The dramatics category invites participants to weave captivating tales through compelling performances. 

Beyond the Competitions : 
• Networking Hub: Pratibha isn’t just about competitions; it’s a networking hub where likeminded individuals connect, share ideas, and build lasting friendships. 
• Inspiration Talks: Gain insights from industry experts and luminaries. Pratibha hosts inspirational talks to motivate and guide participants on their journey of excellence. 
• Culinary Delights: Refuel your energy with a delectable spread of culinary delights available at the event. Good food and great conversations – the perfect recipe for an enjoyable time.

• Team Members : 03
• Registration Fee : 300 Rs. (After 15 March: 450 Rs.)
• Topic : Pharmaceutics I Pharmacology I P’ Analysis I Chemistry Pharmacognosy
• Abstract Submission Last Date : 17-3-2024
• Size: 1* 1 Meter

• Registration Fee: 100 Rs. (After 15 March: 150 Rs.)
• Topic : The Role of Pharmacists in Addressing Healthcare Disparities" OR "Pharmacy's Contribution to Global Health Initiatives"
• The Speech Should be in English.

• Individual Competition
• Registration Fee: 100 Rs. (After 15 March: 150 Rs.)
• First Round & Second Round will be online.
• Final Round will be offline
• It will be based on Pharmacy and General Knowledge.

• Team Members: 03
• Registration Fee: 300 Rs. (After 15 March: 450 Rs.)
• Topic: Pharmaceutics I Pharmacology I P’ Analysis I Chemistry Pharmacognosy
• Abstract Submission Last Date: 17-3-2024
• Participants have to Present only 8 Slides with Title and References. 

• Team Members: 01
• Registration Fee: 100 Rs. (After 15 March: 150 Rs.)
• First Round Topic: “Pharmacy United in Action for Healthier World”
• Second Round Topic: “The Role of Pharmacist in Public health”
• First Round will be online.
• Second Round Will be offline

• Team Members: 02
• Registration Fee: 200 Rs. (After 15 March: 300 Rs.)
• Topic: "Medicine in Motion: How Pharmaceuticals Impact Our Lives"
• Participant have to submit online video.
• Last Date of submission: 17 March 2024.

• Team Members: 03
• Registration Fee: 300 Rs. (After 15 March: 450 Rs.)
• Participants choose a product, research their market, and present a creative pitch within a budget, aiming to impress judges while adhering to ethical standards and respecting confidentiality
• Slides Maximum Count: 6

• Type: Solo/Duet/Group
• Registration Fee: 100 Rs. Per Participant
• Participant have to submit Audition Video to our email id:
• After Selection, participant have to submit registration fee.
• Theme for Dance:
1. The Evolution of Hip-Hop: From Street Culture to Mainstream Movement"
2. "Bollywood Beats: Exploring the Vibrancy of Indian Dance"
3. Cultural Odyssey: Traditional Dances from Around the World"
4. "Folkloric Dance: Preserving Heritage Through Movement"
5. "Contemporary Fusion: Blending Styles for Modern Expression"
6. "The Art of Ballet: Grace, Technique, and Elegance"

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