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National Seminar on Recent trends in Radiopharmaceuticals in Drug Discovery -Quality, Safety and Regulatory Perspective at Himachal Pharmacy College


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The Himachal Pharmacy College was established in the year 2014 at the beautiful, peaceful and full of greenery location in Solan Dist Himachal Pradesh.The institute is approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and Pharmacy Council of India (PCI), New Delhi and recognized by the Himachal Pradesh Technical University, Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh. The institute is housed in sprawling lush green campus with an imposing building and most conducive atmosphere for academic excellence. The state-of-the-art infrastructure and instructional facilities of the institute includes well- equipped laboratories, voluminous library and spacious lecture halls.  Himachal Pharmacy College is amongst the top ranking institutes in Himachal Pradesh. The Institute has grown impressively in both size and reputation and has become the preferred choice for many among all other self-financing institutes. At Himachal Pharmacy College we provide our students with distinguished knowledge and top class facilities to meet the highest benchmarks. We have well experienced and learned faculty, scholastic curriculum, diverse educational exposure and various on-campus facilities which collectively focuses on all round learning experience and rewarding opportunities for the students.

Nuclear medicine is a medical speciality that involves the application of small amounts of radioactive materials known as radiopharmaceuticals, for the diagnosis and treatment of disease without causing any physiological effect. After realizing the tremendous impact of radiopharmaceuticals and to provide the right platform to unveil the novel frontiers in radiopharmaceutical this seminar is planned. It is a competitive subject in the global scenario, to provide proper direction and to channelize regulatory and clinical aspects of radiopharmaceuticals. Nuclear medicine and radiopharmaceuticals make dynamic, noninvasive studies and therefore are frequently used in the evaluation and development of new drug delivery systems. Nuclear medicine is returning to its origin by studying more and more metabolic signals using new positron or single-photon-emitting radiopharmaceuticals. The history of nuclear medicine over the past 50 years highlights the strong link between investments in chemistry and the development of radionuclides and radiolabeled compounds. In fact, one can trace the major advances in nuclear medicine directly to research in chemistry. Radiopharmacology is radiochemistry applied to medicine and thus the pharmacology of radiopharmaceuticals (medicinal radiocompounds, that is, pharmaceutical drugs that are radioactive). Radiopharmaceuticals are used in the field of nuclear medicineas radioactive tracers in medical imaging and in therapy for many diseases. The fruitful integration of therapeutic drugs into nanoparticles with diagnostic agents referred to as radio-labeled theranostic nanopartides (imaging and therapy) has now become handy to medical practioners in the treatment of a variety of diseases.

National Seminar on

Recent trends in Radiopharmaceuticals in Drug Discovery -Quality, Safety and Regulatory Perspective

Date : 12-13th September, 2019

Radiopharmaceuticals utilized as Diagnostic and helpful specialists. The principle assemblage of these mixes is used effectively as the radiotracers to analyze the unhealthy tissues in a body. Radiopharmaceuticals is a specialized practice area in pharmacy that involves compounding and dispensing radiopharmaceuticals to be used in various nuclear medicine procedures.  As same as radiology, nuclear medicine is a fantastic and very advancing tool for assessing physiological function, as opposed to only structure and anatomy. Radiopharmaceuticals are radio labeled drugs used for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Due to the radioactive nature of this group, it has been produced as magisterial product and used locally for years. Today, still marketing authorization is not required for the local usage of some of these products. In 2000, the Food and Drug Agency (FDA) obliged Radiopharmaceutical production facilities for licensing and good manufacturing practice (GMP) compliance. After this, the marketing authorization for radiopharmaceuticals became mandatory.
1. To provided details on the expectations of upcoming radioactive drugs or Radiopharmaceuticals , that are more effective, reduced side effects and improve quality of life.
2. To enhance the knowledge & skills of participants by sharing multidisciplinary knowledge and expertise from scientists of different universities, research institutions and pharmaceutical industries
3. It will provide a common platform for interaction among the persons from different area of pharmaceutical sciences.
4. Interaction between the faculty, students and eminent personalities.
5. Interaction between the audiences and students during poster session.
6. Students can have knowledge regarding the scope of the profession at present and future, too.
7. Establish and maintenance of professional standard of Institute
8. Research collaboration between the Institute and Industry

Theme areas
• Radiopharmaceuticals ;drug development and regulatory issue
• Radiotracer and radiopharmaceutical chemistry
• Broad public health priorities enabled by radiopharmaceutical technology
• Radiopharmaceutical in nuclear medicine
• Radiopharmacology,nulclear Pharmacotherapy and meditation dosage
• Radiopharmaceuticals based on monoclonal antibodies
• Radioactive agents and radiotracers
• Biorectives in pharmaceutical industry and radiopharma usages
• Radiopharmaceuticals drug development and pharmaceutical regulation
• Nuclear imaging and biomarkers in drug development using approved radiopharmaceuticals

Abstracts of review/original research work are invited from interested Researchers/Research Scholars/Students for poster/oral presentation that are based on the theme of seminar and allied areas within 7th of September 2019. Abstract should be written within 250 words and submitted in MS Word format (Times New Roman, Font size 12 and 1.5 line spacing). The abstract should clearly state the name of presenting author (mark with asterisk) and affiliations of all authors, and should be submitted to the Scientific Committee by email at

Poster Preparation Guideline
• Posters should be of 0.8 meter width and 1 meter length.
• The title, presenting author, corresponding author, address and contact information of the corresponding author must be mentioned.
• The choice of font and font size of texts and size/ resolution of plots/graphs should be such that it is legible from a distance of 2-3 meters

Oral Presentation Guideline
Oral presentation should be made preferably by power point mode within 20 slides including introduction and references. Each oral presentation is limited to 7 minutes and 3 minutes for discussion.

Selected papers presented at the conference will be published in conference proceeding or as a book chapter of special issue in the International Journal      Pharmaceutical and Biosciences. Index Copernicus (ICV: 91.71 point).Scientific Journal Impact Factor Publisher Panel (SJIF 2016: 7.272)

Applicants are required to send / deposit their duly signed registration form along with registration fees through the cash/demand draft/ direct bank transfer latest by 6th September   2019.

Registration Fee
Delegates from academia, Students and research scholar Delegates from Industry
Before 6th September 2019 : Rs 500
Spot Registration : Rs 600

Applicants  are required to send / deposit their duly signed registration form along with Registration fees in the form of
Account No. - 372701000245
IFSC Code - ICIC0003727
Bank - ICICI Bank

Note: Registration fee includes Registration Kit, breakfast, lunch & Certificates to all participants.

Accommodation and Transportation:
The arrangement for accommodation will be provided on first come first serve basis on payment basis in hotels. Prior request is desirable. The transportation facility will be made available from  Bus stand to the venue and hotels.

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