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Onion, Garlic & Ginger hold promise for future medication

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Editorial, July 2015 issue

“ We all know about onion, garlic and ginger. People are using them as food, salad, spice, or condiments (I put their use together). Many recipes are tasteless and considered to be incomplete without their use (onion, garlic and ginger) in dishes. There are various uses or documented uses (in various ailments) of these three natural stuff, uprooted from ground, when matured. The trio is underground modification of stem. Onion and garlic are bulbs and ginger is an example of rhizome, from view point of botany. Will it be wrong to compare these three with Vicks, Iodex and Zandu Balm, from view point of utility and importance and indispensability?


Onions (scientifically Allium cepa) are readily available throughout the world and grow favorably in most northern climates. Use of onion in herbal remedies and ancient medicine is well documented. Allium sativum, commonly known as garlic is consumed by people as blood thinner and cholesterol lowering. In use for more than 7000 years, Ginger (Zingiber officinale), is a flowering plant. It is also consumed as common stuff in most of the kitchens world over, also have important medicinal features.


There are various review and research articles on the said plants. There are various reports of their role in some disease management. Few studies are very initial or done at primary or crude level just to check their role in some therapeutic application.To date there is no sure shot or well defined report which could indicate that the said quantity or isolated stuff from any of these three (or their cocktail for that matter) is highly valuable for treating any disorder or symptoms permanently.

Though there are ancient literatures/scripts which say onion, garlic and ginger are really effective and recommended for so and so medical conditions, but there is something missing from view point of modern system of medicine. To make it more simplify; there is no formulation in the world made from these bulbs and finger, recommended or approved by FDA or any other stern regulatory agency.

What I mean to write here is that these three stems should be rigorously investigated for all type of possibilities to bring them to mainline treatment so...