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· Mouth problems-Carom seeds have been proven to cure toothache. Floss your mouth with one part of clove oil, one part of carom oil and water for treating tooth ache, bad odour and decay. It is the best and effective way to maintain oral hygiene in an easy way.

· Liver and kidney-Drink ajwain water for curing intestinal pain caused because of indigestion and infection. This herb is also very beneficial for curing liver and kidney malfunctions.

· Cold– Consumption of carom seeds is the best natural way to cure cold symptoms such as a blocked nose. Take a steam from ajwain seeds infused in hot water for best results in short time.

· Itching, Boils & Eczema-Grind ajwain seeds with lukewarm water to make its paste. Apply this paste on any affected part of the face or body. Also, try washing the affected part with the ajwain water for best results. In case of swelling due to boils or pimples, make the paste of ground carom seeds with lemon juice. It will be helpful in removing the swelling.

· Kidney disorder-Carom seeds are very essential to disintegrate or dissolve kidney stones. They can also be useful to treat the pain due to kidney disorders.

· Flu-Boil carom seeds with cinnamon in water. Strain & drink 4 times in a day to cure flu.

· Mosquito repellent-Mix mustard oil with ground carom seeds. Dip cardboard pieces in this mixture and tie in the corners of the room. This will help  get rid of the mosquitoes from the room.

· Lost appetite-Mix and grind carom seeds, fennel seeds, dried ginger powder, salt and black cumin seeds. Add hot ghee to this mixture. Mix the mixture with cooked rice. This will surely increase lost appetite in due course of time.

· Reduce weight-Drink half glass of water with soaked carom seeds on an empty stomach. This will dissolve the fats. Consume 1teaspoonful of carom seeds on an empty stomach every morning. It helps to lose about 4 to 5 kg in a month.

· Bed Wetting-Take 50 grams black sesame, 25 grams carom seeds and 100 grams of jaggery. Mix them well. Consume this mixture 1teaspoonful twice a day. This will help in treating frequent urination and bed-wetting by children.

· Piles-Mix dried pomegranate flowers, poppy seeds and dried neem leaves. Consume this mixture with milk twice a day during bleeding piles. Drinking buttermilk with carom seeds powder and rock salt after lunch/dinner is useful for minimizing the bleeding condition of piles.

· Heals pain-Mix carom seeds, onion seeds, fenugreek seeds with saboot isabgol. Grind them all in the form of a mixture and consume 1 teaspoonful of this powder everyday in the morning. Consume this on an empty stomach for best positive results in shorter period of time.

· Sexual disability-Roast carom seeds with some tamarind kernels and clarified butter. Grind them well, take 1teaspoonful of this mixture and add to a glass of milk and honey. This is a proven method to reduce sexual disability. Consume this regularly at night for effective results.

· Breastfeeding-Carom seeds with fennel seeds are used to make ajwain aur saunf ka pani. This is useful to cleanse uterus and increase milk production. Add 1 teaspoonful of fennel seeds with ½ teaspoonful carom seeds and 1 litre of water. Boil them for 5 minutes and cool it. Cool and consume this every day for best results.

· Menstrual cramps- Carom seeds acts as a nerve tonic, hence it can lower menstrual cramps during menses. Thus, the benefits of carom seeds are quite wonderful. Its oil can also be applied on muscle to relax them.

· Alcoholic-This herb is also beneficial for the people who want to get rid of alcohol. Chewing carom seeds daily can help to get rid of alcohol craving.

· Sperm count- Roast ajwain seeds with some tamarind kernels and clarified butter. Grind all of these ingredients. Grind them well, take a teaspoonful of this mixture and add to a glass of milk and honey.This is a proven method to improve sperm count and treat premature ejaculation. Consume this regularly at night for effective results.

· Insecticide-They have many therapeutic uses as well as they are used widely in food preparations. Carom seeds are also used as an insecticide. Apart from this, this is an orthodox method for treating poisonous insect bites.

· Used in cooking-These seeds are widely used in Indian cooking as a spice. They can be roasted or fried in oil or added in “panchphoran”. Ajwain is used in small quantity in making biscuits, snacks, sauces, soups, soft drinks and pickles for good digestion.

· Pimple-Apply powdered carom seeds with yogurt on your face. Keep it for half an hour and wash off with warm water. This remedy will help to lighten pimple scars to a great extent.

· Joint pains- Mix shatavari, black cumin seeds, fenugreek seeds and carom seeds. Powder this mixture and consume ½ teaspoonful of this powdered mixture to get relief from joint pain.

· Paralysis- Carom seeds soaked in water, if consumed daily can be useful in treating paralysis, trembling and shaking.

· Eye cleanser- Boil handful of carom seeds in a water. Cool and strain it. This water can be used to wash eyes.

Facts about carom seeds-

  • Keep them away from humidity and also from direct sunlight.
  • Store them in air-tight bottle in a cool and dry place.
  • People with liver disease and hyperacidity should avoid this herb.
  • Carom seeds cannot be stored for a long time.
  • Avoid over consumption. It can lead to nausea, vomiting, skin irritation, allergy and headache in some people.

Side-effects of overdose of carom seeds-
Consumption of carom seeds do not cause any harm, when consumed in moderate amounts. But over consumption can cause some side effects in people suffering from diverticulitis conditions, liver diseases, ulcerative colitis. As these seeds stimulate gut secretions which can worsen the condition of existing  peptic ulcer. One should consult a doctor if any side-effect occurs.


About Authors:
Pooja Dhiman, Kanika Soni, Sandeep Singh
Chitkara University, Kalujhanda,
Solan, Himachal Predesh



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