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Maintain good oral hygiene with antimicrobial products to fight against viral or fungal infections



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Maintain good oral hygiene

Worlds population is greatly affected due to current SARS-CoV-2 virus. This corona virus is also bringing a lot of different diseases along with it. Body fights with COVID and in the process it also becomes weak.

Why people are suffering from black fungus infections?
Most of the people suffer from unusual infections even after COVID recovery. This might be due to side effects of the medicines taken during treatment of corona or hospital induced infections.

Recently, this black fungus infection reported which is one of the rapidly spreading infections post COVID recovery. The black fungus, called as Mucormycosis. This rare infection is caused by mucor mould; it affects sinuses, brain and nose. It can be life-threatening to people whose immunity is being compromised like in HIV, Cancer patients or diabetic people.  For critical Covid 19 patients, they are treated with steroids to reduce inflammation of lungs and to reduce immunity response of body to fight against this virus. People on ventilators or oxygen support, hospitalized for long time or stayed in unhygienic conditions are more susceptible to attack by this mucor mould.

It’s said that mouth is the getaway for most of the diseases. Hence, it’s imperative to keep good oral hygiene and protect ourselves from different diseases and even attack by viral or fungal infections like Mucormycosis.

How to prevent occurrence of these fungal infections?
Well, we need to maintain good oral hygiene through regular mouth wash with antimicrobial ingredients like Benzethonium chloride in your oral care products.

Kumar organic products Ltd offers Benzethonium chloride under brand name Kopthonium.

One needs to brush twice or thrice a day with oral care product that contains antimicrobial agents. Post Covid, your body is prone to infections as its immunity is lowered after fighting with SARS-CoV-2 virus and also the treatment followed thereof. Hence, it’s necessary to replace your toothbrush after you tested negative and need to follow good oral cleaning practices. Oral care products like toothbrush, tongue cleaner or dental ancillary should to be washed off regularly with antiseptic mouthwash to keep them away from germs.

There is this well know antibacterial agent Triclosan which also have shown antiviral activity against Covid 19 family virus. It can be sprayed on door handles, or can be used in mask, bed foams or medical devices to serve the purpose.
Kumar organic products Ltd offers Triclosan under brand name Kopsan.

These opportunistic fungal infections are turning fetal post covid especially; therefore we need to follow good oral hygiene practices regularly to protect ourselves from the attack of these viral, bacterial or fungal infections.

Dr.Poonam Mogal
Technical marketing Manager
Kumar organics Product Ltd. Bangalore




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