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Herbal and natural products of folk medicine have been used for
centuries in every culture throughout the world.Embelia ribes burm f. also known as Vidanga is one of the oldest herbs in Indian traditional medicine.This species is reported to be vulnerable in the Western Ghats of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka states of India and at a lower risk in Kerala state of peninsular India. Embelia ribes traditionally used as appetizer, carminative, laxative,  Anthelmintic  and  in liver diseases. Embelin as main consistuents of Embelia ribes having medicinal and pharmacological properties. The plant also  contains quercitol and fatty ingredients; an alkaloid christembine, a resinoid, tannins and minute quantities of a volatile oil. Embelia ribes posses many pharmacological action like analgesic, anti-fertility, antioxidant, antiandrogenic  and many more.

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We all know that nature holds many secrets. However, since ancient times man has learned some of its secrets. Among the most useful ones, were those related to how medicinal plants could heal or ameliorate diseases or sufferings.Plants have fed the world and cured its ills since time immemorial. The use of plant in curing and healing is as old as man himself. A vast knowledge of medicinal plant must therefore have accumulated. But most of
this knowledge only exists as verbal tradition and only a fraction has got scientific basis till to date. The use of plants products is increasing in many segment of the population.  At present thousands of plant metabolites are being successfully used in the treatment of variety of diseases. According to an estimate, 80% of the world’s population rely upon plants or their medication.

Herbal and natural products of folk medicine have been used for centuries in every culture throughout the world. Scientists and medical professionals have shown increased interest in this field as they recognize the true health benefits of these remedies. “Let food be your medicine and let medicine be your food” was advised by the father of medicine, Hippocrates, over two million ago. It’s still true today that “you are what you eat.”

The World Health Organization (WHO) has recently defined traditional medicine (including herbal drugs) as comprising therapeutic practices that have been in existence, often for hundreds of years, before the development and spread of modern medicine and are still in use today. Or say, traditional medicine is the synthesis of therapeutic experience of generations of practicing physicians of indigenous systems of medicine. The traditional preparations comprise medicinal plants, minerals, organic matter, etc. Herbal drugs constitute only those traditional medicines which primarily use medicinal plant preparations for therapy. The classical Indian texts include Rigveda, Atherveda, Charak Samhita and Sushruta Samhita. The herbal medicines/traditional medicaments have, therefore, been derived from rich traditions of ancient civilizations and scientific heritage.

Embelia ribes
Embelia ribes burm f. also known as Vidanga is one of the oldest herbs in Indian traditional medicine. In India, it is one of the widely and commonly used Ayurvedic herbs.Embelia ribes have a long history of use in ayurvedic system of medicine in various forms like churna, asava, aristha, lauha, bati and taila. It is widely distributed throughout India. In Ayurveda,it is considered widely beneficial in variety of diseases, and is also used in Homeopathy.

Botanical Name:  Embelia Ribes Burn. f.

Common Name: False Pepper

Part Used: Fruits, Leaves and Root-bark.

Family Name: Myrsinaceae


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