Centre approves establishment of Indo-German Science & Technology Centre in India

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The central government has approved the establishment of Indo-German Science and Technology Centre (IGSTC) in India with matching contribution as per Expenditure Finance Committee (EFC) approval of 2 million Euro (approximately Rs 13 crore at current exchange rates) per year for next five years. The Centre would be registered as a “Society” under the relevant Act.

The Indo-German Science and Technology Centre shall play a proactive role in facilitating participation of industry in joint R&D projects; provide/assist in mobilizing resources to carry out industrial R&D projects. The Centre shall facilitate and promote Indo-German bilateral collaborations in basic and applied science, research and technology through substantive interaction among government, academia and industry. The Centre shall also encourage public private partnerships (PPP) to foster elements of innovation and application and cultivate a culture of cooperation between science and industry.

The total expenditure for the proposal is approximately Rs 65 crore for next five years starting from 2010. This is the matching contribution equivalent to 2 million Euro per year from German government side.

Prime minister Dr Manmohan Singh had visited Germany in April, 2006 on the occasion of Hannover Trade Fair, where India was the partner country. Both the Heads of the Governments (Prime Minister and German Chancellor) issued a joint statement stating that both sides (India and Germany) would work together to set up Indo-German S&T Centre in India to facilitate research and industry collaboration to develop new technologies and commercialize it for overall economic and societal development of both countries.


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