B.N. College of pharmacy

Formulation and evaluation of immediate release tablets with different types of paroxetine hydrochloride powders prepared by direct compression

About Authors:
Nishant Gupta
Department of pharmaceutics,
B.N. College of pharmacy,

Paroxetine (PRX) crystals exhibit poor compressibility, poor flowability and its tablets show a tendency to cap. To improve the mechanical strength of tablets several kinds of “Paroxetine for direct compression” are present on the market. Current research demonstrated the best tablet properties with coated paroxetine (mass of tablets, diameter, height and mechanical strength, friability RSD<2%). Furthermore, coated paroxetine in combination with both investigated superdisintegrants such as Vivasol® and Polyplasdone® XL-10 shows faster disintegration time and dissolution rate in comparison to paroxetine for direct compression. Eventually, the major advantages of the formulation with coated paroxetine for industrial production are decrease of friability and superiority in terms of flowability, compressibility, quick disintegration and dissolution. Regarding the results, coating of PRX particles is beneficial for the manufacturing of tablets with immediate release.