Pharmacy Students! Make Yourself “Job-Ready”

In this dynamic environment of growing global demands for pharmaceuticals, the pharmacists should be able to reap maximum benefits in terms of employment and perks. But the ground reality is quite contrary, many freshly passed- out pharmacy students in India are sitting idle than ever before. Instead of cursing lack of infrastructure, the students can utilize available resources simply with a changed mindset. Here are a few points worth considering by budding pharmacists to build a better CV and make themselves “Job Ready”.


Education leads to development of an individual and these individuals are expected to develop the larger mass of people, constituting society, city and ultimately nation. Education must deliver the result. A proper education and allied training make a person job-ready. Cut throat competition is taking its toll and students are taking extreme steps. This cut throat competition prevailing in almost all domains is changing equations across human resource (HR) departments. In pharmaceutical sciences opportunities are like never before. This sentence may sound ridiculous to some and some may approve it. First of all, let me demystify the fact that pharmaceutical sciences involve many sciences so students end up with the tag “Jack of all, master of none”. Why one forgets that pharmaceutical sciences mean (in broader sense) discovering-developing and launching new molecules and this is not possible by a person sound in only one stream/subject. This is not the job of every Tom, Dick and Harry or any Tom, Dick or Harry.  Here comes the role of graduate or post graduate who has tremendous knowledge of the relevant field. Jobs are aplenty, especially after India became signatory country in newer patent laws (process patent since 2005). These news rules forced the closing of many reverse engineering chapters; but the silver line is that it also forced Indian pharma think tank to discover new molecules, which will require trained and talented man power. Credit for first such molecule goes to Ahmadabad based Cadila Healthcare Ltd. This article very precisely highlights the job scenario and allied aspects.


About Authors:
Pushpendra Kumar Patel*,  Narendra Prajapati , Jyoti Sahu
M. Pharma, T.I.T. College of Pharmacy,
M.P. India

It is a very well accepted fact that food, cloth and shelter are essential stuff for human beings, but the real fact behind these are only to achieve  good health , so that one can survive and enjoy the charm of god gifted life. As the health is prime importance than any of others, so it’s novel responsibility of that person to keep the world healthy, and that person is proudly called as health care professional, Dr. and pharmacist both comes under it, but the pharmacist is the base of health care profession. A person who is directly and actively involved in the life cycle of medicine. It concludes study from new entity to its elimination. Simply the person deals with biochemical mechanism of action of drug, drugs therapeutic role, side effect, potential interaction, and monitoring parameter.