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  • Walk in Interview for Pharmacist at GVK-EMRI

    GVK EMRI (Emergency Management and Research Institute) is a pioneer in Emergency Management Services in India. As a not – for – profit professional organization operating in the Public Private Partnership (PPP) mode, GVK EMRI is the largest professional Emergency Service Provider in India today.

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  • Vacancy for QC Chemist at Envision Scientific

    Envision Scientific is a company involved in research, development and manufacturing of innovative products and methods for treatment of cardiovascular disease. Envision Scientific is a company pioneering in the development of Nanotechnology based applications for delivery. Envision Scientific has developed a novel polymer free nanocarrier based drug delivery system in its R&D Lab.  Based on our understanding, we believe that pioneering technology combined with entrepreneurial skills works in the best interests of our patients, the physicians who treat them, and the investors who invest in the promise of further innovation. Our essence lies in working hard to stimulate a continual stream of innovation in the medical device industry. The intangible value of our innovation lies in the improved health and longer lives of our patients.

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    Rajesh Vagh
    PharmaTutor Edu Labs
    Surat, Gujarat, India

    So far, medical representatives are assets for pharma sales but need of time and competitions are asking for variant ways to promote their products. Patient portals, apps and online communities should be developed with more intensity and utilize technologies to improve customer experience.

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    Rajesh S Vagh
    PharmaTutor Edu Labs,
    Surat, Gujarat, India

    Monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) are antibodies that are made by identical immune cells that are all clones of a unique parent cell. Monoclonal antibodies can have amonovalent affinity, in that they bind to the same epitope.

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  • Opening of Executive Human Resources (HR) for Pharma R&D at SDPARC

    Shree Dhanvantary Pharmaceutical Analysis and Research Centre (SDPARC) is a contract research organization established in 2006 and is managed by RIBOSOME PHARMA PVT. LTD., Surat. SDPARC offers a wide range of analytical & research services for small, medium and large scale pharmaceutical, ayurvedic, bulk drug, chemical, food and cosmetic industries.

    Post : Opening of Executive Human Resources (HR) for Pharma R&D

  • Requirement of Chemical Engineer at SDCDE

    Shree Dhanvantary College of Diploma Engineering, Kim, established in 2013 in order to deliver the highest quality diploma engineering education, cutting-edge research and innovative technology for the benefit of society locally and globally. The institute offers a rich and unique learning experience across a spectrum of academic and social experiences. The College has a total campus area of 8.32 acres. It is located about 500 meters from Kim railway station. The simplest and most economical way to reach SDCDE is by train.

    Post : Requirement of Chemical Engineer For Environment Audit Cell

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