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Work as Senior Officer – Corporate F&D in Olefia Biopharma - 3 posts | M.Pharm

Olefia Biopharma Limited is one of most dynamic organizations, involved in manufacturing pharmaceutical formulations marketing its products in India as well as worldwide. Olefia has been pursuing its primary mission to provide quality healthcare to ailing millions across the globe at an affordable cost.

Admission opportunity in B.Pharm and M.Pharm at Lovely Professional University

Pharmacy is a dynamic, growing, and increasingly diverse profession, one which creates an excitement because there are so many opportunities for service. The secret in the future will be to identify and take advantage of these opportunities.

Work as PROFESSIONAL SERVICE REPRESENTATIVES, AREA MANAGER in Karnataka Antibiotics & Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Karnataka Antibiotics & Pharmaceuticals Ltd., (KAPL) Bangalore is a Government Enterprise.  From a modest beginning in 1984, KAPL has grown from strength to strength in the areas of manufacturing and marketing of various life saving and essential drugs. With an ISO accredition from KPMG, Netherlands, KAPL is recognised for its total commitment to quality and services in domestic and international markets. On profit from inception, KAPL facilities are approved by many international clients.

Shoolini University offers admission for B.Pharmacy, M. Pharmacy (Pharmaceutics, Pharm. Chemistry, Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy, Quality assurance, Biotechnology), B. Pharm MBA (Integrated), and PhD programs

Shoolini University is is located in a thick grove of pine trees, 14 km from Solan with cool summers and pleasant winters, and an ideal destination for academic and research romance. It has adopted research driven model and its strength emanates from Sound Governance and Cultural Heritage. Governing Body is comprised of distinguished academicians, entrepreneurs, professional executives and consultants.

Work as Zonal Sales Manager, Regional Sales Manager in Systopic

We are an established Pharmaceutical Company having a committed team of 825 professionals across the country. Having created a position for ourselves among Top 35 Pharmaceutical Companies prescription wise, we are further strengthening our presence in potential specialty areas -Cardiovascular and Anti-Diabetic Segments. For our expansion programme we require:


*1Akanksha baranwal, 2Akanksha Sharma, 3Anamika singh
1,3Department of pharmacology
2Department of clinical research
Noida Institute of Engineering and Technology

The purpose of this review is to provide a basic understanding of the important relationship between microvascular remodelling, angiogenesis and hypertension, that is, provide an overview of recent experimental and clinical evidence from anti-hypertensive and pro- and anti-angiogenic therapy with respect to hypertension and microvascular structure. Microvascular rarefaction, that is, a loss of terminal arterioles and capillaries, is found in most forms of human and experimental arterial hypertension. This further increases peripheral resistance, and aggravates hypertension and hypertension-induced target organ damage. In some cases with a genetic predisposition, hypertension is preceded by a loss of microvessels. Therefore, new therapies aimed at reversing microvascular rarefaction potentially represent candidate treatments of hypertension. The microvasculature is formed by the continuous balance between de novo angiogenesis and microvascular regression. Imbalanced angiogenesis, in addition to functional shut-off of blood flow, contributes to microvascular rarefaction. Numerous clinical trials assessing anti-angiogenic agents in cancer patients show that this therapy leads to microvascular rarefaction and causes or aggravates hypertension. The development of specific pro-angiogenic treatment to correct hypertension or ischaemic disorders, however, it is still in its infancy. On the other hand, long-term treatment by classic anti-hypertensive therapies that present vasodilator activity can correct for hypertension-associated rarefaction in man.


Job as Junior Scientist in National Institute of Biologicals

The National Institute of Biologicals, an autonomous Institute under the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India, is a premier Scientific Organization and a Centre of Excellence to ensure quality of vaccines and biologicals in the country.
Applications are invited for the following posts on direct recruitment basis:

Post: Jr. Scientist


About Authors:
Anamika singh*1, Neha Singh2
1M.Pharm (Department of Pharmacology)
2M.Pharm (Department of Pharmaceutics)
Noida Institute of Engineering and Technology.

Tuberculosis is a leading killer of young adults worldwide and the global scourge of multi-drug resistant tuberculosis is reaching epidemic proportions. It is endemic in most developing countries and resurgent in developed and developing countries with high rates of human immunodeficiency virus infection. This article reviews the current situation in terms of drug delivery approaches for tuberculosis chemotherapy. A number of novel implant-, microparticulate-, and various other carrier-based drug delivery systems incorporating the principal anti-tuberculosis agents have been fabricated that either target the site of tuberculosis infection or reduce the dosing frequency with the aim of improving patient outcomes. These developments in drug delivery represent attractive options with significant merit, however, there is a requisite to manufacture an oral system, which directly addresses issues of unacceptable rifampicin bioavailability in fixed-dose combinations. This is fostered by the need to deliver medications to patients more efficiently and with fewer side effects, especially in developing countries. The fabrication of a polymeric once-daily oral multiparticulate fixed-dose combination of the principal anti-tuberculosis drugs, which attains segregated delivery of rifampicin and isoniazid for improved rifampicin bioavailability, could be a step in the right direction in addressing issues of treatment failure due to patient non-compliance.


Khushbu Singh
Department of pharmaceutical chemistry
Noida Institute Of Engineering & Technology, Noida

The antioxidative activity of a total of 92 phenolic extracts from edible and nonedible plant materials (berries, fruits, vegetables, herbs, cereals, tree materials, plant sprouts, and seeds) was examined by autoxidation of methyl linoleate. The content of total phenolics in the extracts was determined spectrometrically according to the Folin-Ciocalteu procedure and calculated as gallic acid equivalents (GAE). Among edible plant materials, remarkable high antioxidant activity and high total phenolic content (GAE > 20 mg/g) were found in berries, especially aronia and crowberry. Apple extracts (two varieties) showed also strong antioxidant activity even though the total phenolic contents were low (GAE < 12.1 mg/g). Among nonedible plant materials, high activities were found in tree materials, especially in willow bark, spruce needles, pine bark and cork, and birch phloem, and in some medicinal plants including heather, bog-rosemary, willow herb, and meadowsweet. In addition, potato peel and beetroot peel extracts showed strong antioxidant effects. To utilize these significant sources of natural antioxidants, further characterization of the phenolic composition is needed.

Applications are invited for one post of Scientist-C in ICMR

Applications are invited up to 19-07-2013 for one post of Scientist-C (Cytogenetics/ Molecular Genetics) at the Institute of Cytology & Preventive Oncology, Noida. in the Pay Band PB-3 of Rs.15600–39100 + Grade Pay Rs.6600/- and usual allowances as admissible as per Government norms.

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