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Scope of Bioanlysis or bio analyst


Clinical courses


Clinical research courses

What Is the Scope of Bio Analysis in the India?

All the Pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries are merged in to the drug discovery. Analysis of biological substances like urine, blood along with drug is very important in clinical research organization.

Some Modern fields like instrumental developments for analytical proteomics, Ligand Binding Assays, Regulatory and compliance issues, metallomics, imaging, mass spectrometry, analytical characterization of nano- and biomaterials; development of miniaturized systems, sensors, chemometrics, sampling & sample preparation methods are associated with Bioanalysis. It also involve biology, chemical, biochemical and physical methods of analysis (e.g. sensors, bioassays, spectroscopic techniques, chromatography, electrochemistry), quality assurance, method validation and process control.


It means bioanalysts working in pharmaceutical research and development, clinical laboratories, clinical toxicologists, forensic toxicologists and sports doping analysts and many more.

Nanobiotechnology is also one of the fastest growing field in research. It is in initial stage but nearly grow to more extent.

In above all the fields where any drug or research is employed, bio analyst is present. So it is very clear that all the drug discoveries are associated with bioanalysis. One can absorb in any of pharmaceutical, biotechnological or clinical organizations.