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scope of PMT, MR and marketing in pharma


Clinical courses

I am getting the job in PMT(Product Executive) as well as in sales (Medical Representative) department. So which option is better to start a career?

Being salesman may be shameful for some people in India. They have to go door to door and sale the products. But you cannot believe that pharma professionals showing interest and rush towards marketing. Does u know why? In pharma field Marketing and sale is a department where one can earn maximum compare to other field. They don’t have to go to any layman; they are regularly visiting physicians and other medical & para-medical professionals.

Now as per experts view, marketing professionals can be divided in to two classes. One is mobile and another is static.
Basically mobile and static is not categorized based on their working speed or skills. They both are dynamic in their work but distribution of work is quite different in them.
Now in Mobile phase, professionals have to roam around and market their product in particular areas and bring the sale, profit and also pride to company. In static phase, professionals are making the business strategies for mobile professionals, they are making SOPs, budget strategies to identify new molecules, ensure implementation of marketing strategies, complies with reporting systems, work plans and operates within assigned promo budgets to maximize sales and to establish effective sales administration systems, prepare and suggest targets, budget for new products and New Year plans, develop and conduct Basic training program for field colleagues and more.
So, mobile people try to grow and make their career in static people.

Medical representative are mobile one where as PMT is static one. Normally to enter in to PMT, atleast 2-3 years of experience as MR is required. And if you are directly getting chance to enter in PMT then you are lucky one. Now which job responsibilities do you like, mobile or static that up to you. But if you asking me, I will suggest you to go for PMT. You will have quite restful life and have great career ahead with it.