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pharma courses

Under the Special Programme for the North East, proposals with strong R&D component are invited in the field of basic and applied biotechnology from Indian scientists, working on a regular basis, in Universities/Academic/Medical/Research institutions in any of the North East states (Arunachal Pradesh; Assam; Manipur; Meghalaya; Mizoram; Nagaland; Sikkim & Tripura), in collaboration with scientists from other national institutions from any part of the country including from institutions in the North East, in any of the broad areas given below:

a. Health Sciences

b. Agricultural Sciences

c. Veterinary Sciences

d. Pharmaceutical Sciences

e. Biomedical Engineering

f. Bioinformatics

g. Food & Nutrition

h. Nanotechnology

i.   Environmental Biotechnology

j.   Microbial Biotechnology

k.  Aquaculture Biotechnology

l.   Biofuels

m. Human Genetics

n.  Bioresourses Management and Utilization 

o.  Medicinal and Aromatic Plants

p.  Health Care including Alternative Medicine

The Joint R & D programmes may involve partners from recognized private institutions as well as NGOs. Industries as partners in the consortium projects are welcome. The goal of this programme is to help establish and strengthen R&D activity in the North East through joint ventures (Twinning Programmes). However, the “Center of gravity” of the research activity should remain in the North East.

Please ensure that you write at the top of the application “Twinning programme for the NE” and mention the broad subject area at the appropriate place. The proposals will be evaluated by the committee of experts. The investigators of the short listed projects would be required to make a presentation before the committee. The approved projects would be initially funded for a period of 3 years, which may be extended based on the performance review. In addition to the usual staff and contingency, adequate budgetary provision should be made for visits of PIs and the staff from NER to the collaborating institute and vice versa.

The information in the application should be clearly given in two parts: one pertaining to the Parent Institution in the NER and the other regarding the Collaborating Institution.

The detailed proposals (Two Hard Copies) as per the DBT format, ( signed by the collaborating PIs and duly endorsed by the respective Heads of the Institutions should reach to Dr. Vaishali Panjabi, Scientist “C”, North East Region Biotechnology Program Management Centre (NER BPMC), A-254, Bhisham Pitamah Marg, Defence Colony, New Delhi-110024 by July 4, 2011. A soft copy of the proposal is also required to be sent to

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