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Decreasing Therapy Cost, For people by People: Collobrative approach

Development of new biopharmaceutical for different patient's need is now in some limited hand due to high R&D (Research and Development) cost and making therapy are not affordable for large segment of people in developing country.

Sharing of development cost, especially while the biopharmaceutical business cannot support itself from its own revenue streams, e.g., with a partner is solution for such issue. But finding partners in high risk R&D is difficult especially for small players having unknown history of such development.

Small player cannot bear risk of failing with huge investment in R&D that is limiting growth of pharmaceuticals in Asia Pacific. So how can R&D spending increase without increasing risk of being bankrupt?

Here is idea.
Divide pharmaceutical research portfolio in different segment based on therapeutic indication and launch each segment as IPO publicly in share market.It will be a long term investment for public because they might be a part of blockbuster molecule.

Public will be provided share of profit when research molecule from that segment come to market from lab while pharmaceutical company fix there share in commercialize molecule considering research, manufacturing, regulatory etc service provided.

Although there is a risk for public that money might lost but comparing the benefit of partnering blockbuster molecule, risk taker can be found easily in share market.

To make this idea a success, political approach shall be made by influencer pharmaceuticals, to convince them to make policy regarding this and allow such investment.

This is a raw idea and I leave it on you to make it mature.

Tejas Shah

Associate Quality Q&V,
Leading Pharmaceutical Company

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