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Clinical, medicinal and other uses of enzymes

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                                    Uses of Enzymes

Uses of enzymes can be classified as:-

(1)Medicinal and Clinical Use:-

  • Enzymes can be used for Aiding Digestion. Example: Amylases, Proteases and Lipase.
  • They can also be used as Deworming agents. Example: Papain.
  • Enzymes act as anti-clotting agents like Fibrinolytic and Thrombolytic. Examples: Urokinase and Streptokinase.
  • Enzymes can be used as surface disinfectants. Example: Trypsin.
  • They can also be used in the diagnosis purpose. Example: Glucose oxidase along with peroxidase to detect the level of glucose (colorimetric estimation).

      Liver disease: SGPT, SGOT
      Heart attacks (MI): SGOT
      Myocardial Infarction: Creatine phosphokinase.

(2)Industrial purpose:-

  • Enzymes can be used in the textile industry. Example: Amylase as softening agent for starched clothes.
  • They can also be used for Leather purpose. Example: Proteolytic purpose.
  • Enzymes have the importance in the paper manufacturing. Examples: Endoxylanases for bleaching of Wood pulp.
  • They can be used in the manufacturing of organic compounds. Example: Bacterial enzymes for the manufacturing of acetone, butanol, lactic acid etc.

(3)Enzymes as Food and in food industry:-

  • Enzymes can be used in the meat packing industry. Example: Papain which is proteolytic in action, therefore hydrolyses peptide bonds thus for tenderizing meat and beef .
  • Enzymes have their role in Manufacturing of cheese. Example: Rennin (chymosin) Found in stomach, converts milk protein casein to curd like calcium paracaseinate.

(4)Beverage industry:-

  • Papain is used to stabilize chill proof bear. Yeast enzymes are also used in beverage industry.

(5)Ice Cream:-

  • Lactose is used to prevent the formation of lactose crystals in ice-cream preparations.


  • Several enzymes are used for detection of biochemical reactions.