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Direct Relationship Seen Between Plasma Amyloid Levels and Cognitive Decline

There is a direct and linear association between plasma beta-amyloid (Aβ) levels and multiple aspects of cognitive decline over time, including cognitive changes that constitute conversion to Alzheimer's disease, according to new findings from a population-based, ethnically diverse longitudinal sample of older adults.

Merck's Boceprevir scores high in Phase-III hepatitis C trial

Merck said that its hepatitis C drug boceprevir hit its primary endpoints in two Phase III studies and will file for an approval of the potential blockbuster by the end of this year. And analysts quickly began to handicap Merck's chances against Vertex, which has compiled a mountain of positive data for its hep C drug telaprevir.

More Damning Evidence Against GSK and FDA on Rosiglitazone

Further evidence has come to light suggesting that GlaxoSmithKline knew about an increased cardiac risk with the diabetes drug rosiglitazone (Avandia) as early as 2001 but withheld the data and that certain officials at the FDA conspired with the company to minimize the impact of later safety results. The news comes on the same day that the FDA advisory panel starts its two-day hearing on the cardiovascular safety of the drug.

Stem cell therapy can help tame cancer to manageable levels

Within ten years from now, cancer can be tamed with the application of stem cell therapy and the killer disease could be made a manageable one. For this, India should take measures to develop medical practitioners with expertise in the field of cancer biology, latest techniques like gene therapy, DNA micro array and stem cell research, said Dr V Parthasarathy, associate professor, Department of Pharmaceutical sciences, Annamalai University.